Chapter Thirty Five-"Definitely"

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~Dedicated to weddings and happily ever afters'~

Chapter Thirty-Five

It was the day of mum’s wedding and to say that everything wasn’t running smoothly would have been a huge understatement. Mum was panicking and had that whole crazed bride look going on. It all started this morning when we arrived at the hotel only to find out that the woman who was supposed to book us a hotel suite had left it until the last minute and so we; ‘we’ being the bridal party, arrived at the hotel all happy and naturally asked for our hotel suite and after much confusion and of course mum yelling insults that brought up the front desk’s secretary’s love life, we were ushered to the ‘room’ that had been booked for us.

And the room was tiny. It was nothing more than just a single room with a bed and a dresser with the view of the car park below us along with a bathroom so tiny, you couldn’t even fit a makeup kit in there. So the day had started out badly, heck it started out great if you considered what happened afterwards. Mum’s dress had gone ‘missing’ after a while and since no one really knew where it was, mum had another panic attack which resulted in tears and a lot of calming down from her best friend Kelly.

It turned out that the wedding planner had assigned Kelly on bringing the dress to the hotel but Kelly didn’t get the memo and so I was forced to take Holly with me as we went to pick up mum’s dress from the bridal store. Of course after we explained who we were, the woman at the bridal store pointed out the rest of the blue, bridesmaid dresses that were also on Kelly’s to-do list and Holly and I had to lug around heavy plastic bags filled with dresses to the car before rushing back to the hotel.

By the time Holly and I got back to the hotel, mum felt and looked terrible. Her hair was half done and her makeup was taking forever and for the first time since hearing about her marriage to Jeff, I wondered if my mother planning this wedding with her wedding-planner was as fun as she made it to be. Kelly took Holly by her hand and led her to the café downstairs and both the hairstylist and the makeup artist went to demand for a bigger room which left me alone with my mother.

“Oh God Viv,” my mother breathed, “What have I gotten myself into?”

“You’re just stressed mum,” I replied before I gave her a small hug, “it’s going to be fine.”

“What if this is a sign that I shouldn’t get married?” she blubbered.

I raised an eyebrow and put on a determined tone, “If you believed in signs then you should have realised the fire alarm going off over five times was a sign you should just give up cooking.”

My mother cracked a small smile before she replied, “Everything’s just gone so wrong today honey.”

“Which will make it all the more perfect,” I answered with a smile.

Glancing up at me with watery blue eyes and a smile of her own, my mother pressed a small kiss on my forehead before she whispered, “You’ve grown up so much Viv.”

I smiled down at my mother as I replied, “I wouldn’t have if you weren’t there.”

My mother smoothed down my hair before she whispered, “I’ll miss you when you’ve gone to college.”

I swallowed a lump and suddenly realised my mother wasn’t just worried about the wedding. She was worried about me leaving. It never really occurred to me that my mother would really miss me all that much when I left because I just assumed she’d be fine with Jeff and Holly. But it was clear that she would miss me just as much as I would miss her. After living almost eighteen years together, my mother was finally learning to let me live my life as my own person.

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