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"You owe me big for this one, Autumn."

"I know, I'm sorry I got you into this."

"You my little sister. Of course, i was gone do it besides Artavious a good dude, he would never hurt you."

"Wish you could tell my parents and April that."

"They just look at the age difference that's all."

"I wish there was a way they could understand it."

"They will, Autumn Leaves. Give them some time"

"I wish you would stop calling me that" she said laughing

"That wish can not be granted, Autumn Leaves"

She laughed and I pulled up to Artavious. She got out and went up to the door and they hugged, shit used to be like that for me and Daysi. Im very protective of the girls but Artavious was raised by his mom and he has a little sister so he knows what women supposed to be treated like. Artavious started arguing back and forth with Autumn, so I had to jump in.

"TJ, how could you bring her here? Take her home!!" He said rubbing his face

"Man, she's not going home. She's going to her uncles for the weekend her parents sent her."

"And you come here! Look baby, I don't want you to be in trouble."

"I'm not gone be in trouble, I just want to see you, please just come with us to the airport"

He looked at her, "Fine, let me get my coat."

This gone be a long 4 hours.

"Come on, get in the car don't want you catching a cold" I said to her taking my coat off putting it over her walking her to the car

"Thanks, TJ"

"You welcome" I said shutting the door

[Artavious comes out]

"Aye, loverboy. You driving. But stop by the gas station, need some gas before we go anywhere" I said throwing him the keys

He nodded and got in the driver side and I got in the backseat

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