part 9

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after we got daniel from the hospital the next day , i expected rick to walk me and daniel inside , but instead he gave me a hug and helped him out of the car .
" come here anytime " i said .after that he was gone , blasting that music loud . it was now up to me getting him down the stairs .
i got him inside and laid him down on his bed .
" do you need anything ? " i said quietly shutting the blinds so the sun wouldnt burn his tired eyes . he shook his head no and i started to walk out , when he grabbed my hand . i looked back at him with an innocent look . he smiled and then released . i walked out of his room and went to go take a nap .
i woke up and walked down the hall .
" hey " he said calling out to me
i looked through his half open door and saw that he was sitting up with a small blue and white bottle in his hand .
" yeah?" i said walking in
" could you help me take my shirt off , i have to take off the bandage and put some of this cream on my skin . i looked at him smiling . i walked towards him and sat on his bed . he lifted his arms up and at this point i had to put each of my legs around him . his shirt was off and he was just looking at me .
" do you need help with the uh -" i asked
" if its not too much to ask " he said quickly i smiled and slowly took off his hot bandage . i put it aside him and saw him looking away from his wound. when i carefully finished putting the lubricant on his skin i applied a fresh new white bandage on to him . at this point , i was close to his face . memories from the night at the beach were popping in to my head . he just looked up at me .
" thanks " he whispered .
we were just staring at eachother , as i moved in towards his face ,
"what is goin on in hee yuur " rick laughed .
we both looked at the door and i quick but carefully got off of him . i saw that he was getting excited (if u get what im saying ) and handed him a small pillow that was beside him and threw it on his crotch area . rick closed the door behind him .
i heard them talking through the walls which was probably not the greatest thing to do on my part but rick was a loud guy .
" what the f**k man ? " i heard daniel whisper angrily .
" im sorry haha , i didnt know you guys would be gettin nasty , the day you got out the hospital . " rick laughed.
" she was just ... helping me with my shoulder . " daniel defended.
" then uh she should help you with whats goin on in your pants right now " rick laughed
" shut the f**k up " daniel whispered fast .
i smiled and layed on my bed . here i go again . killing myself softly . im falling in love with this boy .

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