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~Earlier @ School,

I walked inside the doors and did my classes and at lunch time, TJ grabbed me and brought me to the football field. HE put his hands over my eyes

"TJ, what you doing?" I asked laughing

"I got a surprise for you, beautiful." he said

"What?!" I asked

"You'll see, take one step forward" he said

"Okay" I said giggling taking step forward and I bumped into something and I smelt the scent and I knew it anywhere

It was my baby 💕😭

TJ took the blindfolds off and I looked up at him and he wrapped his arms around me attacking me with kisses

"I love you so much, I don't want you to leave" he said to me

"I love you too" I said looking up at him pecking his lips wrapping my arms around his neck

"Your sister didn't follow you did she?" He asked

"I don't think so." I said

He grabbed my hand and we walked across the field over to the store and we went inside

"You hungry?" He asked me


"You okay?" He asked wiping my tears away with his thumb

"We can't do this"

He clicked his tongue and brushed his hands against his face, when he did that I knew he was mad. He sat in the booth next to me and I laid my head on his shoulder

"I know your family don't like me. But, I'm not gone stop baby, I love you. Man, I never felt this way towards nobody. Nobody and you know me, you know me better than my family and my boys. You know I would never hurt you or never try to turn you against your family-"

"What you mean? I didn't say nothing about turning me against my family."

"April came to me earlier."

"What she say?"

"That you don't need to worry about, Just know that I love you. And, I think we should wait til you get a little older, I'll wait for you."

"I don't want to, I want you."

He sighed and kissed my forehead, "I know that, I want you too. Right now, being how everything is going, I just need to back off for a while. Trust me, once all this is over, your family will except it. They love you, Autumn. They just scared for you."

"Scared for what?"

"They don't want you hurt."

"We should get back, Classes starting."

He got up and we grab bed eachother hands and I laid my head on his shoulder and he wrapped his arms around me and I drunk my latte.


"STAY AWAY FROM HER ARTAVIOUS!" April said pulling me away from him

"April, No! Stop."

"No, Go Autumn. Aight?" He said kissing my forehead and leaving


"I love you, A." He said

"I fucking hate you, April."

"Yep. You'll love me in a couple years"

"Just wait on it- you gone regret this day." I said giving her the death stare walking away

~ Right Now~

"Autumn, you sure you wanna do this?" TJ asked pulling his shirt over his head

"Yeah, I just need you to come with me."

"Come with you where?"

"I need you to go pick up Artavious and I need you to drive me to the airport."

"You flying by yourself?"

"No, Uncle Travis gone be there."

"You sure about this?"


"Hey Autumn, what you doing here sweetheart?" Vee asked

"Oh nothing, just talking to TJ."

"Oh ok, TJ where you going?"

"Just to take her home."

"Oh ok. well don't be late coming home, it's supposed to storm, Goodnight sweetheart"

"Goodnight Vee"

She smiled and hugged me, "love you"

"Love you too, Auntie."

She smiled and went to bed, TJ handed me his old phone

"Use this"

"For what?"

"I know your dad took your phone away and I need to stay in contact, need to know if you're safe."

"Thank you"

"You welcome." he said putting on his shoes grabbing his car keys and my hand and we walked down the stairs

"Take her home and no where else." I heard uncle Trey whisper to him

"Yaah" TJ said


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