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The combination of too much wine and lots of making out in the cab on the way over, left Claire feeling fabulously light headed by the time she and Gabe checked into their room at the B&B.  When Gabe opened the door to their room she was floored - Claire hadn't been expecting anything like this.  When Gabe had told her they'd be staying the night, she'd assumed he meant in a crappy little motel room with dingy carpets and musty air.

No, this most certainly wasn't a motel room. Their room in the B&B was ripped right out of a romance novel; complete with a four-poster king sized bed (there were even rose petals strewn over its plush cream coloured duvet!) and a bottle of champagne chilling in a bucket of ice. Despite the fact that the entire thing was incredibly clichéd, it was also incredibly romantic. Claire was touched that Gabe had planned something like this for her.  

"Gabe - This is amazing!"  Claire exclaimed. But as soon as the words came out of her mouth, Claire noticed that her bright and cheerful voice sounded out of place in a room so filled with lust.

Gabe gave her a smile in answer, but the smile didn't reach his eyes - No, his eyes were too busy undressing her.

Claire took a moment to appreciate Gabe in return; the black suit he was wearing highlighted his strong shoulders and the arousal in his expression made his chiseled features look almost feral.  Noticing her checking him out, Gabe quickly closed the gap between them. He approached Claire as if he planned on devouring her, making her feel like prey being stalked by a lion. They began to kiss again; now that they were in private, their kiss quickly became messy and hard.

Gabe's hands travelled across Claire's back until his fingers reached the zipper of her dress. He deftly unzipped it, and within moments, the dress was at her ankles.  Claire felt Gabe pull away from the kiss; when she opened her eyes she saw that he'd taken a step back so he could admire her in her black lace bra and panties.

Claire began to step out of her gold pumps and make her way to the bed, but before she had them off, Gabe broke his silence.

"Keep them on." He ordered as he took her hand and walked them over to the bed.

Gabe sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled Claire onto his lap so she sat facing him, straddling his legs with her own as they kissed. As things heated up Claire remembered that Gabe had seen much more of her than she had of him; the only time she'd even had a glimpsed of his six pack was when he came to fix her water heater.

Determined not to be the only one without clothes for a second time, Claire undid Gabe's tie and began undoing his shirt as she continued pressing her lips against his. Making out with Gabe made it almost impossible for Claire to concentrate on unbuttoning his shirt; thankfully, Gabe realized she was struggling and helped her out.  

This time, it was Claire who broke the kiss as she sat back and allowed herself an eyeful of Gabe. His chest was as perfect as she had remembered it; so smooth and hard. Running her hand down his rippling abs, she decided that she would take full advantage of his glorious body.

"There's something I've wanted to do since I saw you shirtless in my condo." Claire said to Gabe as she dismounted the bed.

"And what's that?" Gabe asked, with a raised eyebrow – Clearly game for whatever Claire had planned.

"You'll see." Claire answered coyly as she walked over to grab the bottle of champagne.  "Now, lie down." She ordered.

Gabe gave Claire a surprised look and happily obeyed, stretching his massive body out on the bed. Claire pulled the off the foil from the top of the bottle and efficiently popped the cork – She loved that popping sound; it was the sound of luxury.

"Ahhh... It's cold." Gabe hissed.

"It won't be for long." Claire answered before dipping back down to suck it off him.  Placing her hands on either side of Gabe's waist, Claire worked her way down, sucking as she went. She noticed Gabe hold his breath in anticipation as she neared his belt line. Claire undid Gabe's belt and pants as she continued to drink the champagne off of his 6-pack.

Gabe let out a frustrated moan as Claire's lips reached just above the bulge in his underwear.  Claire reached down and freed Gabe's cock; it was perfect - thick, hard and long. 

"Claire, I can't take this." Gabe said as she slowly pumped him.

"Oh, goodie, it's a perfect time for me to trick you into agreeing to something!" Claire said with a wink.

Holding her eye contact with Gabe, Claire dipped down and gently licked the head of his cock, to which Gabe rewarded her with a groan of delight. She noticed Gabe's fingers were tightly gripping the comforter, as it if was difficult for him to stay still as she worked.  Seeing how she had him in knots was so rewarding; Claire liked the feeling of power she had over him.

Claire then licked from the base of Gabe's throbbing hardness all the way up to the tip and, finally slipped him into her mouth and pushed down half way to his base.  Keeping her pace slow, Claire worked him with her mouth and hand in tandem.

Claire couldn't understand why some girls hated giving head. – She loved it. She loved imagining his cock deep inside her as it passed through her lips. 

Watching Claire's swollen lips move up and down his dick was driving Gabe insane; there was no way he'd be able to stop himself from busting for much longer if she kept at it. 

"Babe..." Gabe started, but quickly lost his train of thought as he felt her pick up the pace. "Babe... Babe... I need a break or this night isn't going to last very long."  That caught Claire's attention - She instantly sat up and gave him a big smile, obviously proud of her work.

"I'm going to show you the only good thing about wearing ties...  Lie down and put your hands above your head." Gabe ordered as he pulled his open tie off his neck and tied her wrists to one of bedposts - Man, was he going to enjoy having his way with her.

Gabe began by kissing his way along the line of Claire's bra, reaching behind her to undo it and he went. The bra easily came off and he tossed it aside. Gabe covered one of Claire's hard nipples with his mouth and massaged her other breast with his hand. He loved her perky little breasts; they were so much softer than the plastic Chastity had attached to her chest. Gabe couldn't believe that Claire would think for a second that he'd choose someone like Chastity over her.

Locking eyes with Claire he pulled down her panties and touched her softness with his hand; fuck it was hot that she'd gotten so wet from sucking him off.  Claire lifted hips to meet his hand, her body begging him for more.  He happily obliged and slowly slid a finger in and went back to sucking her nipple as his finger worked her. 

Sitting up, he drew his finger out of her soft flesh and looked Claire straight in the eyes as he put his finger into his mouth and licked the arousal off of it.

"Gabe!" Claire said embarrassedly.

"Gabe nothing; I love your taste. There's nothing more delicious than the taste of how much I turn you on."  He said and put his tongue where his finger had been to prove it. 

Claire squirmed with delight at the feeling of his tongue inside of her. Gabe slowly brought his tongue up to her clit and flicked it and was rewarded with Claire's moans in response.  Wanting to push Claire to the edge as she had done to him, Gabe slid two fingers inside of her and began hitting her G-Spot. He then buried his tongue in her pink flesh and licked her bundle of nerves as he pumped her with his fingers.

Claire began to quickly build. He felt her tightening on his fingers.

"Oh God, oh God! Gabe don't stop! Don't stop!" she whined.

Gabe stopped... He wasn't about to release her so quickly.

This chapter is dedicated to @LaraBlunte... I told you I'd find a way to work body shots into the story!!!
If you want to read a beautifully dark, Gothic Romance, look no further than her story "The Last Earl". Lara, thanks for your encouragement with this story and with Escaping Princess Waverly. I appreciate all the honest feedback you've given me (especially in terms of book covers!) You're awesome! 

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