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Me: I'm going to be fine

Jack: I don't want you to get hurt.

Me: Gilinsky calm down I won't drink much

Jack: that doesn't matter, I don't want you going out.

Me: quite frankly you don't own me.

Jack: you're my girlfriend though

Me: yes and not ur puppet

Jack: is it really that hard to spell out your? you know that frustrates me.

Me: ur ur ur ur ur ur ur ur ur

Jack: bye

Me: Jack wait

Jack: I have to go to class Elena.

Me: okay bye I love you

Jack: *seen at 11:56 pm*

Me: jck I mis u vry muvh

Me: m sory bout earlir

Me: y r u ignowrjng mw

Me: dId o di smthinf wrong?

Me: pls tlk 2 mw I lve u

Me: do u hste me now??!?!?!?

Me: my hwad hurts

Me: I thnk I drsnk two muchh

Me: all thsese bowys hwere n they stoll dnt cumpare 2 u

Me: I shoulve kistened tie u

Me: I wnt to go hme

Me: n by hone I mran ur arms

Me: evn n my drunken thouhgts

Me: you're still thw inly thing in my mnd

Me: lok I splled your right

Me: arw u proud of me

Me: I wnt u to b

Me: ik my prents rnt

Me: thwy ddnt evn cll me

Me: they dnt love me

Me: nd now i m begininn 2 wunder if u feel thw same.

Me: :(

Jack: *seen at 4:39 am*


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