Sammy - Home Day

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Y/n's POV

Grabbing Sammy's neck I pull him on top of me. God I want him so badly. He smells so good and his t-shirt is clinging to his biceps and abs making him look so sexy. He's such a tease.

Today we're having a home day I guess that's what you would call it. The past few hours we've been snuggling and watching Netflix on his couch.

"Woah baby!" Sammy chuckles as I pull him on top of me. "I need you." I gasp as he kisses my neck. Wrapping my legs around his waist, I pull his crotch to mine to get friction.

"Fucckk" Sammy growls as he grinds into me. Our clothes are the only things in the way. "Sammmyyy fuck I need you. I need you so badly." I moan tugging at his hair as he sucks on my sweet spot.

Flipping us around so I'm on top, I take my shirt off letting Sammy stare at my chest. "Oh my goddddd" Sammy moans as I grind our hips together.

Smirking, I pin his arms above his head leaving kisses down his neck. Sucking on his earlobe I say, "Meet me in the shower" before running up the stairs to his shower.

Stripping out of my bra, shorts and underwear I'm greeted to an already undressed Sammy. "Fuck" I gasp as I look at his dick. He's so huge.

"Get in the shower. Now." Sammy says lowly. Slamming me into the shower wall, Sammy pins my arms above my head. "Are you ready baby?" Sammy asks wrapping my legs around his waist.

"Yes fuck me already!" I rasp out as he kisses my neck. "FUUUCKK!" I scream out as his thrust penetrates my whole body. "OH MY GOOODDD!" Sammy groans loudly throwing his head back.

"C'mon baby. Fuck yess... Give it to me." Sammy moans into my neck. The heat and steam from the shower feels amazing as our bodies combine into one. The feelings he gives me are beyond amazing. The love we make is beyond words.

Gripping into his biceps, I clench around his length. "Sammmm" I breathily moan as I cum on his length. "Yesss y/n!" he groans out as he penetrates into me one more time, then cums.

Sliding down the wall, Sammy places a kiss on my lips. "I love you so much y/n" he says staring into my eyes. "I love you too baby." I respond giving him a kiss with the most passion I can muster, letting the warm water consume Sammy and I.


how was it? this is my first imagine ever ik it sucks
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