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-Sebby's POV-

Lady [F/n] was now fast asleep. I blew out the candle I held. "Goodnight My Lady" I muttered as I walked out of the room. I walked down the vast halls to where the Young Master's study was. Thoughts of [F/n] floated about my head. My heart fluttered a little when I imagined her face. She truly was lovely. Wait, why do I feel this way? She's a measly human, she's useless! Whatever this feeling is it should go away. It could interfere with my work.

I made it to the young master's door and wrapped my gloved hand around the nob. My master stood looking out his window looking at the land he owned, not even turning to see who had come in. "Young Master I suggest you retire for tonight." I said walking closer to him. He turned around with a sigh. He walked toward me slowly. I bowed as he walked passed me, as I thought he did. But, instead he had stopped next to me.

"Sebastian, about the order I gave you earlier about Lady [F/n]. Did you complete it?" My master said looking at me with his one uncovered eye. I looked at him with a smirk. "Of course I did, my lord. If I hadn't I wouldn't be the one hell of a butler that I am" I said kind of in a cocky manner. He scoffed and said, "Well is it really [F/n]? The girl I knew?". I watched as he looked at the ground rather sadly. "I cannot say my lord. You should rest on it, sir." I said coming up from my bow finally. I open the door for him and we proceeded to walk to his room.

-Normal POV-

[F/n] woke up to the sound of the curtains being opened. Sitting up, she saw Sebastian standing at the window. His crimson eyes glistening in the sunlight. His ebony locks seemed to have a slight shine to them too. [F/n] blushed and looked away. Sebastian smirked and chucked at her childish action.

"Goodmoring Sebastian" she said with a yawn. "And Goodmorning to you" Sebastian said as he handed her a cup of tea. She gingerly held the porcelin cup in her hand. She took a small sip of it then placed it on the saucer again. "Where is Mey-Rin?" The girl questioned. He looked up at the girl with a smile. "She is out with the Young Master. He needed to get a present for his fiancé. He thought she'd be a better help than I when picking out presents" he said with a hint of envy in his tone, "My master also wanted me to inform you that he would like you to stay here instead of the place you live. The Master wants to ensure your safey". [F/n] smiled at him and nodded.

[F/n] Had told Sebastian that she could get dressed by herself, so she shooed him away. After about 15 minutes of trying to get the corset on, she squeezed herself into it. Then she put on a grey lolitaish dress with paper white sleeves (a/n look at the picture). She smoothed the fabric of her dress and opened her closet door. A pair of heeled boots. She gingerly picked up the shoes. She sat down on her bed. She slipped the boots on over her black knee high stockings and laced them up.

A knock came from the door as she tied her hair up with an ebony ribbon (a/n if you have a pixie cut or just short hair in general, do whatever you want :P). "Come in" she said as she curled the hair on the sides of her face. Sebastian came through the door carrying the medical supplies to clean [F/n}'s wounds. As the young woman turned and Sebastian saw her, his heart skippped a beat. He could feel his face heat up. Wait. He was a demon and demons didn't have feelings like this. Right?

[F/n] sat down on the bed with her hands folded on her lap. Sebastian grabbed some rubbing alcohol and a bandage big enough to fit the cut on her cheek and jawline. He took off the soiled bandage and began dabbing the cut with the rubbing alcohol. [F/n] hissed slightly in pain. Sebastian looked to her with slight worry. After cleaning the cut, Sebastian put the bandage on and did something unexpected. He planted a peck upon the dressing. [F/n]'s eyes widened and her face became extremely red. Sebastian chuckled before he grabbed her wrists and put them over her head. The man slowly and gently brought her to the plush mattress. He removed one of his hands from her wrists and tilted her head so her collar bone was visible. He brought his lush lips to her collar bone and began to bite down. [F/n] graoned in slight pain. Sebastian released his lips from her skin and lingered above her skin before licking away the small about of blood that he had drawn. He let go of her wrists and helped [F/n] to her feet. "I am very sorry for my actions, Lady [F/n]" Sebastian said bowing with his hand over his heart. [F/n] put her hands on her cheeks to hide her rosiness, but it didn't work.


[F/n] were now sitting in a carrige on the way to the outskirts of London. Sebastian sat next to the young lady silently. [F/n] was looking out the window with her eyebrows furrowed as if something irritated her. The charcoal haired man sitting next to her looked to and said, "Is something conerning you, My Lady?". The miss turned her head to look at him. "Oh, no. I just am trying to focus on which building my home is" she told the man with a smile. He nodded and smiled back to the girl.

After about another 20 minutes of ridng around the two finally found themselves at a quaint building. It looked well maintained for the area they were in. Sebastian opened stood up and opened the door. Stepping out of the carriage, he felt droplets of water upon his head. He put his hand out for [F/n] to take. She lightly and got out of the vehicle. She quivered once her smooth skin made contact with the nippy air. The butler next to her took note of this and gave her the over coat he wore. He placed the coat on her shoulders. "Thank you Sebastian" [F/n] said greatfully, "My home is this way". they walked into the well maintained building quickly, considering that it was raining. They wlked up a flight of stairs till they got to a door. [F/n] opened it with ease.

Inside of the room was a bed, desk, washroom, and a closet. A Funtom rabbit toy sat limply on the desk beside the bed. "I guess I should pack my things if I'm going to be staying at Phantomhive mannor" [F/n] spoke grabbing a suitcase from atop the closet. Sebastian nodded and walked to the desk, picking up the rabbit. "I see you have good taste in toy companies" he said smiling and bringing a hand to his chin. [F/n] looked up at him and smiled. "I saw it in a market and decided to buy it. It reminded me of a person I knew long ago." She said closing the bag she held. 'So she has vague memories of Ciel... interesting...'  Sebastian thought to himself. Sebastian looked at the rabbit. [F/n] tapped Sebastian on the shoulder to get his attention. He looked up to her and handed the toy to her. The young woman infront of him took the toy in her fingers softly and began walking to the door. Sebastian followed her swifly. 

 By the time they were out of the house, rain was pouring. Sebastian looked into the mist with his eyes squinted. He could baredly see through the pouring rain. "My Lady I suggest you continute to borrow my jacket" Sebastian said. [F/n] looked to him before mouthing 'Okay'. Then out of the blue, Sebastian swooped her up bridal style and sprinted to their carrige. Droplets pelted their faces until they were soaked to the bone. [F/n] nuzzled her face into Sebastian's coat in a sad attempt to keep her face dry. They were suddenly in the warm carrige at an inhuman speed. Sebastian sat [F/n] on the seat. He sat next to the girl quietly. With a crack of a whip, the vehicle jolted forward. 

 [F/n] shivered as she wrapped Sebastians overcoat tighter around her body. Sebastian took notice to this. Without thinking, he pulled the girl close to his chest. [F/n]'s face went ablaze, but she enjoyed her current situation. She inhailed the scent of water and calogne. She felt sebastian move a gloved hand to her head and begin to stroke her hair. Her eye lids became heavy as she fell into a deep, deep sleep.


Sorry I'm updating so late at night. Its like 9:10 on a school night and I'm just finishing this up o-o. How's the plot twists I kinda added in >w<. You'll find out in a later chapter as to why Ciel said 'the girl I used to know'. If you're catching my drift, you might know what I'm talking about. Sorry for spelling mistakes. I've been sick latley and haven't been feeling the best :P. Welp, I should go to bed. I've got Comon Core state testing tomorrow and band in the morning. I'll try to update when I can! Thanks for reading!- SebastiansWaifu

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