Stay away

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I was mad as hell at that daughter of mines yesterday, she had been holding all that in her for a long time, I could tell by looking at her face when she hit me. My face still hurting, damn she hit like a man. I walked into the bathroom and looked at my eye, Damn Autumn.

[Knocking at Bedroom Door]

I opened the bathroom door and looked over at Maya who was still sleeping with MJ next to her. I went and opened the bedroom door, Autumn looked at me and fell down

"Autumn, what's wrong?"

She cried, I went out and closed the bedroom door and bent down on her level rubbing her back

"Daddy, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hit you last night."

"Autumn, look at me."

She looked at me

"You was upset, you don't have to apologize. Just don't let it happen again. Get yourself together. Forget about that boy." I said squinting my eye a little

"Does it hurt?" She asked

"A little, look go get ready for school."

"You still mad at me?"

"No, I can't stay mad at you." I said kissing her forehead standing up

"Get up." I told her

She got up and looked at me, "Daddy loves you. That's all, I just don't want you hurt and if you go done this rode with this man. He will hurt you. Just trust me."

She looked at me and let go of my grip, "Yep, okay. Let me get ready for school"


"See you when I get home, Daddy and again I'm sorry" she said walking off opening her bedroom door

I sighed and opened the room door, I walked over to Maya and kissed her forehead and brushed her cheek, She is so beautiful. I picked up MJ and put him over my shoulder and took him to his room, I closed the door behind me and the girls came out the room one by one

"April.." I said stopping her before she could go down the stairs


"Look out for your sister, you know she been having a little temper, make sure she don't get into trouble."

"Okay, even though I do that anyways. She do that to your face?" She asked touching my eye

"Yeah don't worry about it though, Y'all go before you be late."

"If y'all worried about keeping him away from me? Don't bother. He won't ever speak to me again because of you two" Autumn said rolling her eyes putting her MCM bag over her shoulder

"Autumn, you can't seriously stay mad at us -"

"What's going on?" Maya said coming out in the hallway

"None baby, go back to sleep"

"August, what happened to your face?"

"I got to go before one of us be late" Autumn said

Maya grabbed her arm

"Let go of me." Autumn said

"Excuse me? Who the fuck you think you talking to Autumn? What the hell is going on?" Maya said

"Mom, please let go of me. You're hurting me and I'm going to be late for school" Autumn said

"Not until you tell me what's going on?"

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