S2 Chapter 25: Athena VS Chiki! A Real Battle Of Friendship!!

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*Night had fallen over the urban streets of Japan and Athena was completely restless, she got out of the bed and got of the Cruise Ship and went to the beach, one of her personal favorite places in the area.. She stared down at her Adeona as the waves crashed against the shoreline*

Athena: So many things are happening at once, Shu is apparently going down a darker path than normal and Lane just keeps getting stronger and stronger.. however, we need to keep getting stronger as well, we can't lag behind now especially when my scheduled match with Lane is just in 3 days..

*Athena looks over at the abandoned factory and Harry pops out of her pocket and gives a happy little squeak*

Athena: Happy-go-lucky as always i see.

*Harry squeaks even more and nudges her finger. Athena simply smiled and pets the hedgehogs head and Harry was absolutely enjoying it*

Athena: I'm glad i have the friends that i do, the average person won't be able to understand my royal roots but i'm especially glad i have you, you're a small little hedgehog so you can't really think as complexly as we humans do.. you're still super cute though, i can actually see why Lane has you as a pet.

*Harry looks towards the abandoned factory where Lane usually stays and squeaked at it*

Athena: The factory? That's where Lane is most of the time.. you don't need to be going back there, it's far too dangerous for someone like you.

*Harry tilted his head and squeaked in confusion*

Athena: I'm sorry but it's just too dangerous for you, i'm sure you'll understand eventually though.

*Athena smiled as she picked up Harry and began to leave the beach, as she left she sees Shu Kurenai standing at the steps. Athena frowned with great disappointment as she saw Shu's new attire.*

Athena: So this is how you're going about things? Acting like the "Red-Eye" that you think are is your plan to stop Lane?

*Shu frowned and stepped up and grabbed Athena by the collar of her shirt and just about lifted her off her feet*

Shu: I am not Red Eye and i never will be. I never want to hear you call me that again nor do i want to hear it come out of your mouth again.

*Athena frowned angrily as she shoved him off of her*

Athena: Whatever.. but just so you know, Lane may be capable of destroying beys but don't you even dare think for 2 seconds that i won't do what he did, i am very much capable of destroying beys if i please, thankfully you're incredibly lucky that i have a bit of dignity.

*Athena pushed past Shu and walked away into the streets of Japan, Shu stared after her with a frown as he looked down a bit. A part of him wanted to cry but he managed to hold it in as he stared off in the moonlit night, his scarlet red eyes glowing a bit*

---A little while later---

*Athena had went back to the GT Arena which she was surprised was still open as late as it was. It was almost midnight and Athena was even more surprised to still see Legends still up and going, she finds Valt and Rantaro still training*

Valt: Oh- Athena? I thought you'd went to bed.

Athena: I couldn't sleep so i came here just to blow off some steam i suppose.

Rantaro: So you didn't come to train?

Athena: My stuff is in my dress pockets which is back on the ship in my room, besides i don't really feel like blading any tonight.

Valt: What's wrong?

Athena: It's Shu.. ever since earlier today, he's decided to go on a darker route in order to stop Lane..

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