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There comes a moment you have to face the consciousnesses of your actions. And the more you avoid them, the bigger they become. And Natalie wasn't the one to avoid the things she had done. So after her breakdown she gave a good look at herself in the mirror. A look that showed how much disappointed she was at herself. But after all she took a deep breath and walked out of the bathroom. On her way to her bedroom she stopped in front of Amber's room to check if she had come back. But she was nowhere to be found and it was getting late. Natalie was going to deal with that after she kicked Isaac out of her house. 

She cursed under her breath when she opened the door and found him asleep on her bed. It wasn't supposed to be him in that bed. She would have preferred to sleep alone for the rest of her life than let Isaac touch her again. So angry at him and herself she grabbed his clothes from the floor and tossed them at him as she said "get up" loudly.

"What?" Isaac half opened his eyes, not sure what was happening.

"Get up, get dressed and get out." Natalie said with small paused between the words. "Amber is not going to find you here."

"Okay, calm down." Isaac sat up and rubbed his face. "Can we at least talk about this?" He asked as he got dressed.

Natalie made a face. "Sure, it was a mistake and it's never going to happen again."

"Nat, please." He said and walked closer to her. His hand reached for her face but Natalie took a step back. 

"No, get out." She repeated. "Amber is going to be home soon. She's already too late. So please leave and forget that this ever happened."

"I can't just forget-" He went to argue, but Natalie didn't want to listen to any of it.

"I don't care, get out." She pushed him towards the door.

"Look, this meant something to me."

"Get the hell out." She finally yelled and Isaac walked downstairs with no further talking. And once Natalie heard the front door closing, she looked outside of the window and down the street, only to see him getting in his car and driving away. 

And just a moment later she started taking the sheets out of her bed, not bothering to wash them, but actually tossing them in the garbage.

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At the same time, just across the street Amber had just woken up, actually jolted awake once she realised that she was not home. "Crap." Amber cursed and looked around her. She was sleeping at Tom's couch, but none of her friends were there anymore. Amber remembered that the movie was really boring and she fell asleep half way through it. But she expected that one of her friends would have woken her up. But instead she had a blanket wrapped around her and her shoes were on the floor. She looked at her phone and saw that it was a little bit before 3 am and then she saw four missed calls from her mother. She wished she wouldn't be in trouble, mostly because it was an accident. 

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