|1| Stumbled

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Having been passing Ouran's entrance exams, life has been difficult for me. I always get stares and whispers from my dear, dear schoolmates and classmates whenever I enter the school. And, forgive me for my undeniably vulgar and ill-mannered words, but for heavens' sake, do they really need to glare at me because of the huge gap between our social status?

"What a disgrace," Someone murmured. "She brings the school down; just look at her clothes!"

"I believe she is too poor to even buy a single uniform for herself; such a pity." Another giggled.

"Yeah, yeah," I mumble. "Shut up. Better than wearing itchy, tight dresses for ten whole months."

"Kyaaa!" I heard squeals. "Hikaru and Kaoru are coming!" The squeals and chatters became louder.

"Ugh," I plugged one ear with my index finger to lessen my hearing of their ear-piercing screams.

"And why the hell didn't I bring my earphones today?" I said as I rummaged through my bag, finding no earphones.

"Another commoner?" A voice popped up.

"Shit!" I stepped back.

"And has a foul language too." Another one popped up, the same face. Twins?

But I didn't let a matter of them being look-alikes a bother.

"What of it if I'm a commoner?" I passed them and tried to pave my way to my next class.

But since my luck seems to be running out today, I got nasty comments.

"How dare she talk to Hikaru and Kaoru-sama like that!" Someone interjected.

"Commoners should show some respect to us!" Another argued.

"Oh, dear people of high society, please stop," I burst out. "Who in their right minds would bow down to you brats?"

All of them gasped in surprise. Soon enough, stares and glares started turning up, getting intensifier by the second. Seems like these two gingers blocking my way is the only reason why they didn't pounce on me.

As if I'm afraid of being attacked.

I stepped to the right and moved along to my class, letting my ponytail swing left to right as I trotted along the hallway.


"Hikaru-sama, Kaoru-sama! Are you alright?" A group of females briskly walked over to them, worrying for their beloved hosts.

"Should we report her to the headmaster? With all of us intent on removing her from here, I'm sure we'll be able to--" she was shushed by one of the twins, a finger over her lips.

"Sh. It's alright with us. You don't need to worry." He flirted.

"Just visit us at Music Room 3, then all will be as what you want." The other whispered in her ear.

The girl blushed deep red, and nodded briskly, moving away before breaking down into a steaming bun.

"And besides, we already have something in hand just for her." They grinned widely.


Luckily for me, I never had to encounter those two ever again; it seems that they were in 1-A, while I was in 1-B.

Though the scene I made earlier had its toll on me.

Every one of them avoided having a seat beside me--which was actually a good thing--almost tripped if not for my quick reflexes, and the growing killing intent of the girls.

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