Chapter 2 - New School, New Life

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[Chloe POV]

                I'm a bit tired from the travel. It was long. I saw my Mom and Dad unloading our things out of our  car and I saw two big houses beside our new home.

I just noticed that because my Dad is walking towards the house. I started unloading my things too. When I first noticed the house, it was quite nice. I can get used to it. I also saw a beautiful woman smiling and waving at us. I think she's welcoming us to our home.

Then suddenly, Mom called me and she said, "Chloe, come here. I want you to meet my bestfriend  since we were in grade school. Her name is Mrs. Camille." 

"Hi sweety", she said in a consoling voice. "Hi-...hi Mrs. Camille! I'm Chloe. It's nice to meet you." I said shyly. "Oh that's nice of you.

You can call me Auntie if you want." she than said. "Ok then, Auntie" I said. I said goodbye to them because I want to rest from the travel. T

hen I heard Auntie saying to my Mom "Oh Laura, you didn't tell me that you have a pretty daughter. She's so nice." "Oh yes she is. By the way, I heard you have a handsome son. Where is he? I want to meet him." My Mom said.

I continued walking upstairs into my room. Upon entering it, I jumped to bed. "I already miss my old house. But this is it. New house, new neighbors and neighborhood, new school I'm going to, new place, new life, new adventure." I said in my mind. I never knew that I fell asleep. I only found out when I was awakened by Mom. "Wake up! It's dinnertime. I cooked your favorite." She said.  "Ok," I replied. I went downstairs to see my Dad at the dining table. We started eating. 

"Did you rest well?", my Dad said. I just nodded. 

Then Mom said, "Today is Saturday, right? We will look for your new school tomorrow. A little while ago, your auntie suggested that you should go to Anyang Art High School. She said that it's a big school and you're gonna love it there. 

Me and your Dad have planned to enroll you there by tomorrow and guess what? Her son is studying  there. He's a popular student ,also he's handsome . I hope you'll meet him someday". Mom said entertainingly. 

"Mom! Stop it" I replied and my cheeks started blushing. He handsome? Tss, we'll see. " Haha, ok fine , just continue eating your dinner ok? We have alot to do by tomorrow". Mom said. "Like what mom? " I asked

"Aissh, there you go again, of course by tomorrow we'll start unpacking our things and put it in their respective places. Also we're gonna enter you to Anyang Art High School ".

"Oh, ok" I said and started finishing my dinner

After dinner, I straightly went up stairs and walked towards my room and start to take a bath, and after this and that, drying my hair and everything. I went to bed and slept.

Next Morning it's already Sunday. I, Mom and Dad went to the church first thing this morning. It's still early. We went back to our house to unpack our things. I designed my room just like the old one in our house in Incheon. How I miss that house and that room of mine. I put my posters on the wall, hang my clothes in the closet, put my books in the shelf, and everything. 

When we're already done unpacking, I heard my Mom, "Sweety, are you done? Later, we'll go to the school. Ok?" "Ok! I'm already done with my things" I replied.

 The truth is, I'm a little bit nervous 'bout that school. I don't know. Maybe it's new to me or whatever. But I hope it will be okay. 

Then after awhile, I heard Mom, "Sweety, get ready. We will go to the school" "Ok!" I replied. I take a bath, chose my best clothes, comb my hair and went outside to our car. I saw Mom and Dad already inside calling for me. I hurriedly went inside.

While on the way,  they taught me how to go there. Then, something came to mind. It's the boy. I wonder why he is famous in that school. I don't really believe that he's handsome because I never seen him. I asked Mom, "Mom, who is that boy you're been talking about since yesterday?."

"Oh you mean, your Aunties son. His name is Sehun. He's about your age but he's five months older than you. You'll like him if you get to know each other." Mom said "Ahhhh, so Sehun. Ok" , I said. I'm really curious about that boy. I wonder if I'm really going to like him.

 "Here we are" dad said as he stopped the car. My eyes widened as I  got out of the car. The school is so big. As we entered, we saw a lady in a fine uniform.

"Hi! Welcome to Anyang Art High School. My name is Ms. Sung-mi,  I'm the principal of this school. May we start?" she said, and she greeted us with a smile.

 She toured us in and out of the school so I can get familiar with it. I saw a big gym, wide track and field, rooms for the clubs, and a library with computers.

It's so cool! Then, she showed us the room I'm going to and she also gave me my locker key and showed my locker. We went to the office to arranged the papers for my enrollment. It' not so hard. Tomorrow will be a big day for me..   


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