Good feelings

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"Baby we're supposed to be studying!" She managed to squeal in between giggles while I tickled the her mercilessly.

"Maybe you should've thought about that before you decided to turn into a comedian" I said still tickling.

She had tried to joke about me on snapchat so I tickled her to show who's boss.

"Okayyyyy" she giggled "I'm going to delete it! Just stop tickling!"

As soon as I let go she darted towards the door but I quickly grabbed her waist and took her phone putting in the password and deleting her snapchat post.
She gasped
"I should've know not to give you my password ! " She giggled a little putting her hands on her hips.
I couldn't help but smile and pull her closer ,

"You looks so sexy when you pout"
I whispered before giving her a long kiss.
She kissed back and after that kiss came another and another and another. then I felt her warm tongue slither into my mouth and intertwine with mine.

I fell back onto the bed with her on top holding her waist . The kisses got more intense and I knocked our notebooks on the floor out of our way as I trailed kisses down her neck.

I felt her shiver as I kissed her neck and I felt her smooth skin as my hands wondered all over her body. She took off her over sized t-shirt and revealed her cute cheetah print bra .

I instantly brought her close and kissed and nibbled on her exposed skin.

She moaned and I felt thousands of hormones rush through my body ,my heart raced, my ears yearned to hear that beautiful sound again and my body ached for her.

I laid her down continuing to kiss and nip and lick giving her hickeys on her neck , chest , breast and stomach earning quivers and light moans.
I wanted to continue pleasing her but she stopped me pulling off my shirt. She felt down my abs carefully as if they were a chiseled piece of art. I smiled watching her hands and they left by body and went back to hers.

She took off her shorts revealing her black lace panties. I couldn't help but bite my lip looking down at her body, she had a body like something described in a book but never actually possible. Her body was amazing.

"Damn" I mumbled and I heard her softly giggle.
I looked up and she was blushing and she looked beautiful laying there in her bed in her underwear.
"I think I'm ready" she said softly while smiling gorgeously.
"Are you sure?" I asked her she smiled and nodded. She sat up and slowly removed her bra.


I removed my bra and she instantly enveloped me in her love. She was kissing me so passionately and every touch left tingles and sparks all over my body. She gently squeezed my boobs and pleasure bursted through my body.

A kiss here

A kiss there

Soon kisses trailed down my body .
She played with the rim of my black lace panties and I couldn't help but blush as she stopped and pressed a finger against my wet panties causing a moan to slip from my mouth.

She rubbed that finger against my clit in a circular motion. And I bit my lip to keep the various moans from escaping my mouth.
She looked up at me and smiled

"You're so wet baby " she said making me blush before kissing me deeply and slipping her finger into my panties. she rubbed my clit fast causing moans to slither from between our locked lips and float around the room like smoke.

Then I felt the tip of her finger press into my vagina and I let out a squeal. I bit my lip hard as she tried to ease her finger into my wet pussy.

"Damn you are so tight baby" she said continuing to maneuver her finger into the tight space.

"B-baby that feels so good " I moaned moving my body away from her finger a little but she stopped me.
"Don't run from it baby" she said slowly starting to wiggle her finger in side of me . Moans flooded from my mouth as she wiggled it back and forth inside me faster and faster.

I was moaning uncontrollably because of this new found feeling as she sucked my neck and started moving her finger in and out quickly causing my body to tighten and jerk around a little. I felt a deep pleasure growing in my body by the second and before I could even catch my breath from the other moans. I moaned loudly and fluid rushed out of my pussy as I breathed heavy catching my breath.

She smiled and pecked my lips laying besides me .
"Wow" I whispered while catching my breath and I looked over at her
"I love you"
"I loved you too" she said smiling warmly and holding me close.

"So do you want me to return the favor? " I said with my hands readily heading towards her sweat pants and she stopped me and laughed a little.
"I'm good baby" she smiled "I just want to cuddled and enjoy this moment".
I laid with her cuddled up enclosed in her love and warmth until I drifted off to sleep.

" I love you." I heard her whisper and kiss my forehead before I feel asleep completely.


I was so tempted to go farther but I stopped myself before I went to far for her.
I wanted my tongue on her so bad but I told myself to wait.

I laid beside her and watched her catch her breath.
She asked me if I wanted her to return the favor but I quickly stopped her. I didn't want to explain to her, I'm a touch me not. but that's not important she didn't touch me in my feminine spots so I'm good. I have never been touched like that so I wouldn't know what to do. I might of fucked with girls but they never did anything back to me.

She pulled me out of my thoughts after she caught her breath.

"I love you"

She said and I felt myself drown in happiness. I can finally say it.
"I love you too".

She fell asleep and I looked down at the floor and chuckled at those notebooks of unfinished homework.

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