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Harry Potter and the 19 years later..

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Chapter 1 Meet The Family

It was a snowy cold day in the town of Godrics Hallows.There was snow covering the icey cold floor of the town filled with cottages and a little church near the kissing gate that lead into the graveyard.Two children were playing outside  in the snow a boy and a girl.

The boy with silk brown short hair and brown and brown eyes.He was wearing 5-tshirt and a rather long jacket and a wollen beany.The girl with straight bright orange hair going up to her shoulders and she had rather unsally eyes that changed into three coulers depending on her mood blue,green and brown.She wore rather daggy pants two wolly jumpers and a over size coat that belonged to Harry Potter.

The names of these two children James Potter and Lily Potter.The two of the three children of Ginny weasley and the famous Harry Potter.Looking out from the window of the wooden cottage covered in snow was the third child of Harry Potter.He had really untidy hair green eyes and round glasses.

He was lying on a really messy bed in a really untidy room with papers, lolly rapers and drawing all over the floor.The room was pretty big but not that big.Albus was about go downstairs to the kitchen to make himself hot chocolate because he was shirviring everyone when someone with bright orange hair burst into the room looking horrified looking around it was my mother.

''I JUST CLEANED YOUNG MAN!'' she shouted ''oh my god mum its not that much of a-'' ''iTS ALOT OF MESS'' she iterrupted she hated mess but Albus didn't mind it. To Albus's delight a rather tall man stood in the doorway ''HONEY LOOK WHAT HE'S DONE!'' Ginny screamed to harry ''it's quite fine'' said Harry ''NO ITS.....NOT-'' ''Gin dear just go back downstairs and i will deal with this'' said Harry calmly. Ginny throw him a dirty look and stormed of downstairs she knew Harry would back him up.Harry slowly walked to Albus and sat next to him.

''Dont worry Albus i used to be messy too'' ''really'' i said ''really'' he replied and gave me a big hug.I suddenly felt warm inside There was a special someone that understood me.Harry let go took a deap breath and said very calmly ''whats wrong? why aren't you playing with your brother and sister'' i hesitated but said very slowly ''well... James has been teasing me'' ''what has he been saying'' Albus paused he wasn't sure wheather or not to tell he's father.Harry looked at him and whisperd as if he had read Albus's mind ''tell me when the time comes i will not push it out of james or tell your mother but Albus you will have to tell me very soon''

Albus was very grateful but still trying to decied when to tell he's father ''come on let's have some dinner'' and with that we both stood and headed down the stairs throw the hallway and straight into the glories kitchen.The kitchen was really nice painted red four cupboards that were bigger inside and lion shape doorknobs.Near the kitchen there was another room with a long wooden table where the two people were sitting and a another standing up beside that room was a lounge room and then a bathroom.Near the Bathroom were a flight of staris that lead to lily and james room.

''whats going is a elephant coming over'' James said lily started to giggle ''no James Ron and Hermione are coming over with Joshua and Natalie'' Albus felt happy Joshua was the other person that completly understood him.''Yay Nats coming'' said lily ''im gonna be bored nat was a pain at school'' ''shes not a pain'''said lily ''can i have jake over'' said james completly ingoring lily ''alright then Harry can you go and get jake'' ''fine'' and with that he dissaparated ''but mum James and his buffoon friend always plays pranks on josh and i'' i groaned.I could see heat rise in James's face he opened his mouth to say something but ginny cut him off.

''Alright then James you and Jake lay off josh and Albus or you will not have permission to go to hogsmede'' ''but-'' ''no buts no excuses and trust me i shall know'' and she waved her wand James throw me a dirty look and something windy came out from the door and two man walked in ''hi jake'' ''hi James'' but then he looked at me and they were in deep conversation  James was properly telling him not to do anything.

Then a thought had come throw him what if just what if james is right and i do get-There was a knock on the door Harry got up and walked to the door.He opened the curtains and opened the door where four people stood, a tall man with bright orange hair and green eyes below him was a rather tall boy with dark brown hair that was really messy and brown eyes beside the tall man a rather short woman with light brown hair and blue eyes below her a dark browned hair girl with thin eyebrows and dark brown eyes.This people were Ron,Hermione,Joshua and Natalie ''hi Albus Josh smiled.

This is my story of what happens 19 years later hope you enjoy this story:)         HpmelOne

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