Chapter 21

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Hey this seen will have strong content so if you don't like that then please skip it. when I use these signs it then means the seen has started or ended. **~


Haylee pulled me towards the kitchen and put me to work. I knew what was coming. She didn't question me now because we had a lot of work to do but just wait and see when the crowd number goes down she'll stalk me like prey until I'm cornered like a little mouse.

It had been hours since the Lucas fiasco in the morning. The buzz in the bakery had gone down and now there were just a few people wondering inside. I was looking over my shoulder to make myself sure Haylee wasn't following me. If she finds me alone she'll corner me and interrogate me until I tell her all the juicy details.

I was looking behind me so much I didn't see her in front of me and I ran into her.

She had an evil smile on her face and a mischievious glint in her eye.

"Now now Nikki tell me, was he good in bed?"


Nikki POV

Haylee interrogated me profusely. She questioned me about every single detail from where we went to what I wore to bed.

She was driving me insane but thank god Osvaldo called from the kitchen asking for my help.

My feet were propped on top of the coffee table and I held a glass of frozen strawberry, banana, almond, oatmeal, chocolate and a spoonful of sugar smoothie. (believe me its good). iZombie was playing on the t.v. I couldn't believe I missed the premiere.

Currently Liv was eating pieces of brain mixed with instant noodles and a lot of hot sauce. Her boss walked in and just asked her if it was a zombie thing.

Ding. Dong. Ding. Dong

I clicked pause on the episode and went to the door. I chugged the rest of the smoothie and set my glass on the table near the door.

"Haylee I swear if it is you I will gauge your eyes out if you start questioning me again."

"No need to be violent, love."

"What are--Oh I remember now."

"Glad you remember Princess, so will you let me in. It is getting chilly out here."

I debated with my self.

"We wouldn't want the neighbors to start talking now, would we Nikki.?"

Oh no nosy Mrs. Thompson, She will never let this go.

I reluctantly opened the door and let Lucas step inside. He closed the door and pushed me up against it.

"Running away, kitten. It won't work." He said in between kisses.

**~ (seen about to start)

**~ His hands moved downwards towards my bottom. He squeezed it making me gasp. He took advantage of my open mouth and explored it thoroughly. He nudged my thighs open and I wrapped them around his waist.

His hand reached up to my hair pulled it out of its messy bun. "I missed you and I'm going to make up for that time."

His hands lifted my tank top over my head and threw it somewhere behind him. My head fell backwards and enjoyed the pleasure. He threw me on the bed and climbed on top of me. "You can run kitten but never hide.''

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