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When Amber woke up the next morning, the house was way to quiet. It was strange because it hadn't been that quiet since they had first moved in and it was actually just the two of them, with no relatives, no Mark or his daughter. So it seemed way too weird to her and only in that moment she realised that she preferred the loudness and the fights over the creepy silence. 

"Mom?" She called out as she walked towards her room. The only explanation she could find was the everyone had left early that morning. "Did you leave early?" She asked and then she opened the door only to find her mother lied on bed just staring at the ceiling. "What the hell are you still doing in bed?" Amber asked. "Where's Mark and Sloan?"

"They went to L.A. so Sloan could get a surgery for her baby."Natalie replied monotonously, not taking her eyes from the ceiling and whatever she found interested at it. She hadn't really slept the previous night after her fight with Mark and after things ending between them. She kept rethinking everything she had said and she realised that losing him wasn't something she wanted. She wanted to work things out. Somehow. There had to be something else than them just breaking up.

"Is something wrong?" Amber asked her, actually worried about the baby.

"Nothing that Addison won't fix." Natalie said at the same tone.

"Okay..." Amber paused. "Are you okay?" She asked next, she hadn't really seen her mother like that again.

"Yeah, I just overslept. I'll get up in a minute." Natalie shrugged her off.

"Okay, um, do you want me to make you coffee?"

"No, I'm good."

"What?" Amber exclaimed, because there wasn't a moment in her life that Natalie Turner had turned down a hot cup of coffee.

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"Amber stop being noisy." Natalie said annoyed in the car. Amber hadn't stopped trying to learn what was wrong. But Natalie hadn't said a word, not even if she was obviously not okay. The dark circles under her eyes and her hair which she didn't even try to fix were making it way too obvious that she was not feeling like herself. It was way too unusual for her to not groom herself even a little bit, even if she never had time between shifts and surgeries. She never wanted to look tired or not okay. So she always used the right amount of makeup on her face and her outfits were always presentable. Just not that morning.

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