It's never a Matter of Black and White

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          Leila threw her head back at the joke that Thomas, her way over the top flamboyant friend had made regarding their boss. This man deserved to be on Broadway, she thought to herself. How in the hell did he manage to stay sane in this corporate world still stuned her. But she was glad that he did, because, like the other the rest of the four girls that sat around the lunch table, he had formed her support system ever since she started this new job over a year ago. She had first started working for the company as a co-op job, part of her college internship, but when the company decided they wanted to keep her along and promote her to her own office at only the age of twenty-one, she was more than willing. Granted, it was not a great big office with its own amazing view, and she didn’t have her own secretary, but it was an office and at the only the age of twenty two, she was making great money and that was something that she will forever be proud of.

                No matter how much Thomas made fun of the boss, with his thick mafia Italian accent, the so ever limp walk and the signature ‘forget about it’; the boss, Mr. Morino was a good guy. He looked in everyone’s best interest and treated everyone fairly. It’s one of the reasons that Leila decided to stay with this company. Everyone made it to the top because they earned it. The environment was fresh and crisp. Unlike many corporate companies.

                 Advertisers & Co. had made sure or at least had tried to a great length to erase tension from the workplace. There were never racial tensions, religious tensions, or personal tensions and if they ever were, those people did a great dam job at hiding it because everyone felt welcome

                 She sat speaking to her four trustees in the group, although she is the youngest, they didn’t top her by much; Thomas Rye her Caucasian gay love that sometimes is suspected of being straight, with his adoring baby blue eyes and dashing white smile was only twenty-four, Leila had told him on many occasion that if he weren’t gay, she would absolutely bang him and he Thomas being Thomas was more than willing. Melina Dominguez, the curvaceous Latina with adoring baby brown eyes, midnight hair and lips that would put Angelina Jolie’s to shame held her own at twenty-five and was happily married to her adoring husband Marco. Amy Lee a Black and Chinese mixed with beautiful soft caramel colored skin and soft brown eyes was  only twenty-tree like Laura Pairway, who like Thomas is of white European decent with dark brown hair and blue eyes. Leila loved that she was able to have that amount of diversity between her fiends, even in high school, her friends were never the same, they looked different, talked different, believed different things, and she loved it and she owed it all to her wonderful parents that made her color blind, religion blind, sexual preference blind. And thank goodness that they did, because the world could not handle

             Nathaniel entered the familiar Starbucks; he chose this particular one specifically because the people that served him his coffee were like him, except the wretched Negro that took the orders on the other side. But he preferred this Starbucksnone of the less; he could deal with only one of them. Every day he made sure that he was served by the beautiful Caucasian young blond women, and when there were too many customers at the same time, he would wait until he could guarantee himself that she would indeed make his coffee. He had recently moved to New York City not too long ago, as his parents needed him to take front of their sports company, Athletic Inc. his father, although young didn’t want to work anymore and decided to hand the company over to his only son.