Amzy's pov

I came out from the washroom ! I dried my hair with my dryer ! Then i tied my hair in a messy bun . i wore my pj and over size shirt ! I went down for breakfast ! Ruksana was making aloo k parathey ! But as like always i'm getting late ! I fill the bowl with cereal And milk . i quickly munch it and told ruksana that i was going for a shoot !

I reached to the shooting site ! Raihan is already there waiting for me ! We both walked in ! I was talking to the director ! He told me that i have to shoot with a man !

I felt someones eyes on me ! When i turned around there's no one! Okay i was scared as hell now. I went upto the green room! Hair stylist and make up artist work so quickly and magically on me ! I lookef at my reflection i was amazed ! My looks were kinda messy and dark !

I went out from the green room . then i felt someone is walking behind me ! I turned around and there's no one ! I ignored and again started to walking towards the shooting area ! I told raihan to get started ! Firstly its my single photo shotos ! Then the phptographer said "please call the male model " . i was checking my hair in the mirror !

I turned my face towards the male model ! And i smell his perfume ! I firstly saw his shoes upper my gaze ! I recongnized the guy ! "What the hell are you doing here sain ? " .

"Emm starting my career ! " . i smiled widely and the shoot goes on ! Sain did an amazing work ! I was happy working with him ! I was having the time of my life with him ! I saw the photos ! We are looking so good in the photos !

After 2 hour work is done ! I went up to the green room ! Changed again in to casual ! I walked out of the green room ! And i was trying to find sain so we could go together ! When suddenly someone tap on my shoulder ! I shrugged away and i was still finding sain ! When someone from the behind hold my shoulder and shake me! I turned and saw sain's adorable smile ! I smile back and hugg him tight ! And whisper "its so good to work with you ".

He didn't said a single word ! I broke the hug and upper my gaze to see his face ! But his eyes were closed and his signature smile was stuck on his face ! I lightly slap his face and said "sain sahab kahan ghum ho ? " .

He opened his eyes and chuckled a,lil ! "Emmm khush hun k apne career k start main hi tmhare sath kam kiya !" I showed him my full bright white 32 smile ! And again i said "so abhi se autograph lelun ? Kia pata age tm nakhreey main autograph hi na do ! " . he giggle and said "apko tou nakhrey dekha hi nahi sakta ! " .

We drove of to the house ! I parked the car in the garage ! And went to my house to change the clothes! I wore my green kurta and churridar pajama ! I pulled my hair in a bun ! And went to the kitchen ! When i heard someone knock on my door !

I went to open the door ! I opened the door and my body and i froze on his face ! I silently whisper "zayan? ".

I came back to my senses and harshly asked "kia hai ? Kyun aye ho ? " he was still looking at my face with teary eyes ! "Mjhe tmse baat krni hai ! Please ek dafa sun lo ! Bht mushkil se dhunda hai tmhen ! Tmhen nahi pata kitne saal main kahan bhatka hun tmhare liye ".

"Zayan please chale jao yahan se ! " i was about to close the door when he put his foot between the door and again said "please us waqt ki kasam jo humne sath guzara ! " .

I kinda froze  at his words again !
Tmne parwa ki thi meri ? Jb zarort thi tm mere pass tk nahi theey us sb waqt ko jala k phenk chuki hun main !

"Us waqt ko main usi din bhul gayi thi jb main ne is mulk main pehla qadam rkha tha Zayan ! Magar is waqt tm mere ghar ki dehleez pe khare mere mehman ho is liye andar asakte ho " i said striaght at his face ! I was holding only one emotion for him its my anger ! I opened the door for him the way to come in !

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