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Natalie woke up that morning with Mark looking at her. "I need something from you." Natalie hummed with a small smile on her face as she climbed on top of him kissing him sleepily in the process. "Well... that, too." He said against her lips and pulled away. "I need you to give Sloan an ultrasound today. It's been almost three weeks."

"Can't someone from O.B. do it?" Natalie asked and started kissing his neck.

"Yeah, well, but she likes you. All the Sloans do." Mark smirked and pulled her closer to him, but before things could get further, there was an interruption.

"Hey, do we have any more... oh! Ew!" Sloan entered their room without knocking, making Mark toss Natalie off him. She landed on the other side of the bed, an annoyed sigh escaping her lips. Mark put his pants on and followed his daughter downstairs. 

Natalie walked upstairs too, cursing under her breath as she walked towards the kitchen. The last days had been like that. Sloan was everywhere and Natalie wondered if her daughter could be that annoying and she hadn't figured out. But Amber was barely home the last days, she spent half of her day at school, then few hours studying in the library and then hanging out with her friends, until Natalie had enough of her always been away and drove her back home.

"Sloan, sorry about that." Mark said as he entered the kitchen.

"Whatever." Sloan shrugged. "There's no more cereal."

"Why are you sorry?" Natalie huffed annoyed. "She's the one who didn't knock before she came in. Basic Etiquette." Mark gave Natalie a look and she just gave him a fake smile.

"What happened?" Amber asked her mother. She was also in the kitchen eating that last cereal. She had an earphone on knowing how dramatic their mornings were lately. Natalie just shook her head telling her that it wasn't important. 

"I'll get some cereal this afternoon." Mark replied to his daughter. "How about some juice?" He offered her a glass of orange juice. "Amber, you want some?" He asked her and Amber shook her head. "Uh, Nat's gonna give you an ultrasound today. Why don't you pick up from breakfast at the hospital?" Mark said and pulled out his wallet, giving few dollars to Sloan.

"It's gotta be more." Sloan said.

"You need some for lunch, too?" Mark asked oblivious.

"Yeah, yeah."

"Okay then..." Amber rolled her eyes and Natalie had never seen her having this kind of attitude before. She was usually nice with everyone. "I am gonna take a shower."

"Oh, can you hold on a minute? I'm probably gonna have to hurl this." Sloan stopped her.

"Sure, no problem. I'll just shower in the garden." Amber snapped and walked away obviously pissed off.

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