The New Kid [Austin Dirty Imagine]

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This one is for @lulu0606

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It was your normal weekday.... Get up, check your phone, get dressed, do your hair, pass the make-up... You didn't need make-up because you had a natural look.. you got asked all the tome if you wore make-up... But that wasn't the deal... You were just Lexi, the popular girl that can be really nice yet really controlling... but you loved that about yourself so it was alright..

You got to school early, (as usual) and waited in the halls for students to start rolling in... Finally, you heard footsteps, your good friend Alex's voice, and another unfamiliar voice... They turned the corner and you saw a really cute guy... Oh-wait that was Alex... But who he was with... He was just GORGEOUS....

"Hey Lex! this is Austin, he just moved here from Miami!"

"Hey, Im Lexi.... Nice to meet someone new. We don't get many new people around here...." Austin stayed quiet... So he was one of THOSE..... Ok...

"Yea um... I was just showing him around." Alex said. Then he added, ""But would you mind taking over? I have to make-up a test that I missed last week."

"Sure no problem." You said.

"Thanks Lex!" With that he dashed off... Leaving you alone with Austin...... yess....

He was still being quiet...

"Your cute Austin... I want you in me, like now." You said in a little bit of a perky tone.

"ummm... what?.?"

"Yea come-on, it'll be fun." With that, you grabbed his arm and pulled him through the still empty hallways and outside to your car... "Come on get in.."

"Where are we going?"

"Somewhere quiet. dont worry we still have like a million years before school starts. I'll have you back in time." With that he got into your car and you drove a little down the road outside of town and parked in an isolated area where your car was in the shade and blended in a bit so no drivers passing by would notice it.

You jumped to the backseat and gestured for Austin to come also.. he did exactly what you wanted him to do but stayed a little awkward... You locked the doors to the car and put some music on low... For an awkward moment you put on a playlist of fast beated music with no lyrics and a lot of sexual-sounding noises.

"Come on Austin, I don't have anything, I don't sleep with every guy I see..." He was still quiet.. "Ok, I guess this one is all me.." With that, you put one of your knees on either side of his hips and played with his hair a little.. "come on Austin, just do it and then we'll get back to school."

He stayed silent, but you knew he was getting hard.... "Come on Austin, playing hard to get just makes me get wetter and wetter." Silence.. "Ok its on"

You crashed your lips against his and felt him slowly starting to move along with it. "Thats it Austin, keep going babe."

You pushed him to a laying-down position after you managed to get his shirt off... you couldn't take it anymore and pulled off your clothes then the rest of his....

"Lexi..." He paused... "Are you sure this is alright?"

"Oh so the pretty boy can talk." You said smiling as you kissed him. "Yes its fine... just do it."

"Ok" With that, he flipped you around and positioned himself, "Now?"

"Now Austin just get in me!"

He slowly pushed his member further into you... He was so big you were clawing at his back.. You lifted yourself a little bit trying to get him deeper and deeper in you... Once all of him was in you, he started thrusting and got a little bit faster each time.

"Austin, let me know when you're ready to cum babe.." You started moaning in pleasure with a smile spread across your face.

"Lexi, I think I'm gonna cum."

"Ok get out of me!" You demanded. he did as you said and you went down to his "member" and let him come right into your mouth...

After that, you layed on top of him as he whispered, "So we're friends?"

"Sweety, with the way you are.!?! We are friends with benifits! But its our little secret kay?"

"Yea ok... cool"

You two put your clothes back on a couple of minutes later and then drove back to school.. People were barely starting to get there.. you parked and walked back into the school with Austin. Right away you ran in to Alex...

"Where'd you two go? I finished my test about 5 minutes ago..."

"Lexi and I went for a little cruise. The countryside is beautiful."

"Great! So we're all friends and nobody is going to be awkward?!?"

"We can promise you that." You said with a huge smile as you glanced at Austin who was blushing lightly...


(A/N)- I am sorry this one wasn't as good as I wanted it to be im just not thinking straight right now so please forgive me!

Lots of Love! :)♥ Xx


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