Chapter 4

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Sam and Dean were getting their stuff ready for the hunt. Dean was ready to kill Ms. Roger after he saw her hit you. Dean felt like he had to protect you but he didn't even know you were. He just saw this little girl, who lost her home, her family and was now forced to live the life of a hunter.

Dean and Sam head back to Ms. Roger's house to kill her and to save you.
You were hoping that Sam and Dean could come save you. They probably heard you rattling the chains. You wanted to be free.

Sam and Dean arrive to Ms. Roger's house.
Ms. Roger: I knew you two weren't FBI.
Dean: Alright you bitch, where's the little girl?
Ms.Roger: Oh, that little pest is no more.
Dean was pissed. he wanted to help you and the witch lied, saying you were dead. You could hear them arguing.
You: Help, I'm down here.
You said it so quietly, that no one heard you.

The witch uses her powers on Sam and Dean.
Ms. Roger: You think you can kill me?
You then tried to break free, but it was impossible. You then try slide your wrists out, but the witch put the chains on so tight that it was hard to slide your wrists out.

The witch was fighting Sam and Dean. You wanted to help them. You didn't even know who they were, but you wanted to help them.
Dean: Alright you bitch.
Dean then shoots the witch in the chest, three times. The witch falls to the ground and then Dean shoots her dead body again.
You heard everything, the gun shots, the body falling to the ground and the fighting.
You were going to try again, you wanted someone to save you and you wanted out of the chains.
Dean heard you and he runs to the basement. He sees you chained up.
You: Help me please mr. I want to be free.
Dean then runs to you and he finds the key to get the chains off.
Dean: I'm gonna get you out of here okay?
You then wrap your little arms around Dean's neck.
You: I just want to go home, but I can't.
You begin to cry into Dean's chest and he picks you up. He carries you out of the basement.
Sam: Who is this?
Dean: Sam, it's y/n.
You then look at Sam.
Sam: Hi there.
You: hi.
Sam: That mean lady is dead.
You: thank you.
Dean and Sam smile.
Dean: Y/n?
You: Yeah?
Dean: Would you like to come with Sam and I?
You look at Dean and Sam. You then nod your head.
Dean: Let's go.
Dean, Sam and you arrive to the impala, Dean tried to sit you down, but you wouldn't move your arms from his neck.
Dean: Y/n, I need to drive silly.
You wrap your arms tighte around dean's neck.
Dean: Sam, you're driving.
Dean hands Sam the impala keys and he sits in the backseat. You were slowly falling asleep in Dean's arms. His smell was some how soothing to you. You loved him having his arms holding you, protecting you.
You: What are your names?
Sam: I'm Sam.
Dean: Dean.
You: Are you both brothers?
Dean: Yeah. Sam is my younger brother. I'm the eldest.
You: I had a big brother, but he died with my mommy and daddy.
Dean: I'm sorry.
You then close your eyes and you clench the back of dean's shirt. You had nightmares about your family dying.
Dean: Y/n?
You: I couldn't help them. It's my fault that they're gone.
You begin crying and Dean begins comforting you. He kisses the top of your head and he hugs you tight.
Dean: You listen to me. It wasn't your fault, it was that damn witch's fault. She was the one who took your family, not you.
You: I feel bad because I couldn't help them.
Dean: I felt that way when my mom died when I was young.
You look at Dean and you hugs him tighter.
You: I'm sorry.
Dean: It's okay.

You, Sam and Dean arrive to the motel, Dean carried you in because you fell asleep in his arms. He lays you on the bed and he tucks you in.
Dean: Night y/n.
Dean kisses your forehead and he goes to sleep on the couch.
You: Dean?
Dean: Yeah?
You: I don't want to be alone.
Dean: Sam and I will be right here, sweetie. don't worry.

After that, Dean and Sam fell asleep. You were twisting and turning. The nightmares kept coming back to you. Your family dying, their screams and cries, the witch abusing you.
You: No. you can't.
You kept twisting and turning, the blankets flying everywhere. You kept trying to hold back the tears, but some would come out.
Dean went to get a drink and he saw a tear roll down your cheek.
Dean then walks toward you and he puts his hand on your arm. You flinch.
Dean: hey, y/n wake up.
You then open your eyes and you see Dean.
Dean: Nightmare?
You nod your head.
Dean: Is that why you wanted me to stay with you?
You nod your head again.
Dean: Okay. But just for tonight.
Dean then lays beside you and you move closer to him. Your head was against his chest.
Dean then wraps his arms around you. You then fall asleep, Dean was looking at the motel window.

Dean's POV: This poor kid, this poor innocent little girl has no family. I just met this little girl and I feel like I have to protect her.

Dean then falls asleep, he had his arm around you making sure that nothing bad was going to happen to you.

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