The Mind Pt. 1

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"Shit!" Ella shouts as she watches her nephews scream in pain.

"Ella! There's something wrong with—" Seena stopped mid-sentence as she walked into the kitchen and found the boys screaming the same as Ara.

"I fucked up! Elise... how could she have hidden this from me!? I am the stronger witch and I am the smarter! I should have seen this coming!" Ella speaks to herself

"What do you mean? What happened?! Ella what's happened?!" Seena says as she grabs Ella and begins to shake her

"We have to get them downstairs, it's begun..." Ella says as she uses her powers to teleport the boys, Ara, her parents and Seena into the basement.

"What? What has begun?!" Seena questions as she follows Ella over towards her table of potions.

"I should've seen it," Ella speaks to herself, "I saw in my vision her knocking Taehyung out. But it didn't mean anything really. Until I now realized Taehyung was still out cold when we arrived! Fuck! They heal quickly, he should've woken up hours ago—"

"ELLA!" Areum yells causing Ella to turn towards her quickly, "What is wrong with my baby?" Your mother speaks softly when a tear falls from her eye as she cradles your head

Ella stares at the hospital beds that stand in a circle in front of them. Eight bodies atop each one.

"She started the ritual. This was her plan. She's—she's brought them to her world and I—I'm sorry I can't help—"

"What?!" Seena shouts as she grabs the collar of Ella's shirt, "What do you mean you can't help?! You were supposed to protect her! And now you're telling me that my best friend is—is stuck in—in what?!"

"Her mind..." Ella says apologetically, "She's stuck in her mind and Elise has full control... I don't know what they'll see or what she'll do but... if they want to defeat her they'll have to work together."

Seena's grip got tighter until she felt a forceful tug that made her release Ella.

Michael stood between them.

"This is not her fault—"

"Yes it is!" Jihyun yells, "She was supposed to protect our child! So what happens in there if she dies—"

"I'm guessing if she dies in her mind then she's die here and Elise will absorb her life force regardless, right?" Felix, who now comes into the light speaks sternly.

"Right." Ella says, "I'm sorry... I'll try to find a way but—"

"But nothing," Seena says, "You better fucking save her."


*cough, cough*

You blink rapidly as you try to open your eyes. Your head feels heavy and your body feels tangled.

You attempt to lean up but something is keeping you down.

Your eyes widely open and you finally see your surroundings.

Your in a corridor, laced with red and gold trimmings. Then, you look up to the ceiling, it's gray, and lighting is striking all throughout with an occasional rumble of thunder. But there's no wind? No rain? It just moves above you as you sit upon the carpeted floor in this long hallway.


You jump at the voice and realize it's coming from on top of you.

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