12_A Night To Remember

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Today, the town's potluck was being held and would be attended by everyone. Little Foot potlucks were the best in my opinion. The townsfolk got the day to relax and mingling with each other while indulging in the handmade cuisine of many of the town's notable women and occasionally, the men's. As much as I liked it though I couldn't permit myself to go. Not when my gorgeous woman couldn't and shouldn't be left alone.

Paege, that is, was still healing. Both mentally and physically. Even if I could I don't think that I would leave her. I wanted to get to know her better even if I would have to miss one of the biggest events hosted by the town.

It would've been Paege's first opportunity to experience this town's festivities but considering her current state she was not fit to go. Instead, she had to rest - to stay at home so that she would heal in good time. I remembered that night when I found her with blood over the side of her face, her swollen lips and side, the sick feeling that overwhelmed me deep in the pit of my stomach. If I remembered it well as though we were trapped I imagined that Paege did as well.

My mother and father were attending the potluck as did they every year. Bell didn't want to leave for the event but I made sure they took her with them as she to, needed to clear her mind. The farmhands had the rest of the day of so that meant that Paege and I were alone.

Paege was the only woman that caught even an ounce of my attention an now that she had it all, I was going to see to it that she got the best of me. I would make this a night to remember.

Since neither of us were attending the potluck, I wanted to her night to be special. She needed to be distracted from what had occurred even if it was for a few hours.While she was resting in the study, I took the liberty of preparing a nice dinner for her.

The patio of the ranch to the rear where barely anyone would visit I had set up a table. I thought that she would appreciate the view of the stars. The setting was a romantic scene which I only noticed when everything was finished.

I went to fetch her from the study and found her sleeping peacefully. Taken aback I stared at her a few seconds before gently hoisting her into my arms. She was still asleep against my chest as I neared the patio. When we were finally some distance from the table I kissed Paege on her forehead and watched as her eyes fluttered opened to meet my gaze.

It was a sight I hadn't anticipated. Her green eyes peered at me as she rose her head from against my chest and I was spellbound. How could she look this good after waking up? I mentally slapped myself coming back to reality.

"Hi," she whispered but I still caught it.

"Hi," I said lowered Paege so that her feet touched the ground before my hand circled around her waist to hold her upright. I knew there was a chance that she would be a bit dizzy.

Paege's eyes left mine taking in the surroundings as I heard a distinctive gasp escape her lips. She looked at me again in shock and question.

"Well, neither of us could attend the potluck tonight so I thought I could make it special for us."

"You should've gone I don't want to keep you from enjoying anything. I don't want to be a burden."

"You are not a burden and I pretty much didn't have a choice because I didn't want to go without you. I planned to take you with me ... as my date ... before any of this happened. I guess you'll just have to settle for my mediocre cooking." I said before she gripped my color and pulled me into a heart-stopping kiss.

"It's beautiful and I can't wait to eat. I'm starving." We both chuckled at that.

I guided her to the table pulling a chair for her to sit. She blushed absorbing the scene before her. Candlelit dinners were too casual for my taste instead I resorted to decorating the patio with just enough Christmas lights so as not to obscure her vision of the stars.

Beside the table was a mobile station that kept the dishes at their respective temperature.

"Is this your way of asking me out on a date Mr. Andrews?" Paege asked, her voiced filled with humor.

"No, you didn't have a choice." I chuckled sparing her a glance catching her blush before it disappeared.

I served her each dish and she ate it like each spoon was a masterpiece. Her expression as she tasted each spoon was all worth it. Her eyebrows would pitch upward as her eyes grew wider in surprise.

When it was time for desert fed her as we shared one bowl of Ice cream. The look in her eye was quite intriguing. I chuckled half the time at her expression glad that she was enjoying dinner.

When the meal was over she wanted to see the stars as I anticipated so I guided her to the balcony. She held unto the rail while I stood behind her. Paege let her head rest against my chest as I held her, my arms around her. For quite some time we both gazed at the stars.

Finally, I gently turned her in my arms so that she was facing me. Her gaze settled on mine as the source of light reflected in her eyes.

"May I have this dance?"

"There is no music,"

"Not traditional music no but your breathe and you heartbeat are music to my ears. I would not forgive myself if things had been worse."

"Then let's be thankful that you saved me. Thank you Dan--" was all she was able to say before I gave up and kissed her as I wanted to all night.

In time, we began to sway together her head against my heartbeat, my hands around her waist. I knew she could hear the irregularity in my heartbeat but I could care less. I knew that I was falling in love with her though I refrained from telling her so. She was reserved before when we first met. I didn't want to risk sending her back into that shell of hers. I wouldn't.

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