Chapter 16

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The atmosphere is grim and silent; neither of us speak. I'm too busy fuming at her dick-of-a-friend while Mahum just sits silently, taking everything in. I've never seen her so... Emotionless before. It's like taking a knife in my own hands and cutting my chest open.

Instead of taking her home, I take her to a restaurant so we could eat something. I'm sure she doesn't want to deal with parents, or anyone really, right now.

Finally, Mahum breaks the silence, her voice thick because she hadn't uttered a word in hours, "Where are we going?"

At her confused face, I answer with a fake cheerful smile, "We're going out to eat."

"Adeel, I'm not hungry."

I expected that reponse, but I'm not going to let her starve because of what happened. I didn't answer, and I was surprised when she didn't argue like she usually would. Mahum just sighs defeatedly, releasing all her energy in it.

"Mahum, I..." I begin to say, but what? I don't know. All I know, though, is that I want to take all her pain away. It feels like I can feel it as if it was my own... But, I know that that's not true; she loved Danial far more than I can imagine. She might've... Might've even loved him that way, but whenever I admit this horrifying truth to myself, my brain-no my heart, always shuts out the possibilty.

The rest of the way we ride in an even more deafening silence. I might as well force my ears to bleed. As we reach the small, cozy restaurant/diner, Mahum clicks open her seatbelt and steps out of the car without a sound. I close my eyes, trying to hold on to my patience, though it's running dangerously thin. I want to shake some sense into her so badly and tell her to forget about him. I mean, I don't understand how she can even think of him after what happened.

Of course, she still hasn't told me what really occurred before I arrived, but it's not hard to figure out that it wasn't rainbows and sunshine.

"Mahum," I call out after her. Mahum turns around to look at me expectantly with blank eyes. I feel hollow as I watch her acting like a robot. I's honestly rather have her hot tempered-self than this... emotionless zombie. No offence to her, or anything."Wait for me."

"Adeel, do we have to do this? I'm really not hungry and we're just wasting time. It's already late." Mahum asks.

Smiling, so that lets her know I'm attempting to tease her, I say, "Doesn't it matter if I'm hungry or not?" She just raises her eyebrows, as if asking me 'are you really?'

Mahum rolls her eyes before resuming to walk towards the enterance, "Let's go, then." I was relieved to hear some amusement in her voice.

Suddenly, she stops, reading the scheduele on the door.

Disappointed, I read aloud, "It's close," then, my eyes travel farthur down, "Hey, look at that; the drive-through's open."

Monotounously, Mahum asks as if I was stupid, "Do you really want to drive and eat."

"How about we buy from the drive-through, but eat in the parking lot, genious?"

She glares at me, making me grin arrogantly, "Fine. Don't order anything for me."

"Uh-uh," as if. I leave her in the deserted parking lot, only mildly concerned to leave her alone. The drive through area gives a perfect view of the parking lot so I don't have to worry about anyone sneaking up on Mahum. I was surprised, though. The restaurant looked in good condition and it wasn't even that late at night; only around eight o' clock, but there weren't any other people here.

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