Chapter 7

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                  I took a quick glance at my reflection in a mirror placed on a wall in the foyer of our suite. A smile crept on to my face as my hands ran down the cool fabric of the dress that my stylist had picked out for me. The dress was in a word. Divine. 

“Alright, Selena,” Martin came up behind me and handed me a gold sequined clutch, then continued to walk past me to the door. He turned to me and reached out for my hand, “The car is waiting for us out front my lady.” Smiling my hooked my arm with his and let him lead me to the elevator. With us being on the top floor of a 60-floor hotel, there was quite some time before we reached the bottom of the establishment.

“So…” I looked over at Martin as the ding sounded for the 35th floor, “will I have to say anything at this event?’”

He leaned against a wall of the elevator and started to speak, but I didn’t hear any of what he said. My eyes were transfixed on how his muscles had become more defined due to his change of posture. His eyes were searing into me and I felt my mouth grow dry.  His hair was gelled back revealing more of his gorgeous features.  A ding unfortunately brought me out of my delicious reverie.

“I’m sorry…what did you say?” I asked feeling a slight tinge of warmth in face.

Martin smiled at me knowingly, “I said that this is really just your coming out party so to speak. All you have to do is look the part. Smile for all the paparazzi, say that you are excited to work with us and can’t wait for everyone to see the new line we about to come out with in the upcoming spring…”

Overwhelmed by my new responsibilities, I sigh and lean against the wall next to him. “Man, I could really use a cigarette right now.” I felt him chuckle next to me.

“Do you want one? I can go back up and get my pack.” My heart fluttered at the sweetness of his offer.

I closed my eyes and took a deep, relaxing breath. “Nahh…I’m trying to quit. Trying being the key word.” I chuckled to myself.

“Really? How long have you been smoking?” another ding sounded for the 12th floor.

“Since I was sixteen. I really should stop, I’m too young to die of one of those nasty cancers I keep seeing commercials for.”

“Too young, and too pretty.” My eyes opened at that remark, to see his icy blue eyes staring at me. My breath hitched. He moved slowly and put his lips near my ear, sending chills down my spine and making my breathing become shallow. “Selena…you really do look beautiful tonight,” he nibbled at my ear, “as regal as a queen.”

My eyes closed, and I barely let out in a whisper, “Thank you.” I gripped tight onto the handrail behind me so I wouldn’t melt into a puddle on the floor below me. He began to kiss a path of butterfly kisses down my neck, across my collarbone, and up the other side of my neck, making my legs go weak. Martin’s strong hands snaked around my hips, holding me up as he continued to make me loose myself. And as quickly as his lips were on me, they were off and reaching down to pick up my clutch that I didn’t even remember dropping. As he reached down, I saw him quickly rearranged himself before straightening himself back up. I smiled to myself knowing that I had a similar effect on him as he had on me.

He reached for my hand; we walked through the lobby, and into a black Rolls Royce Ghost waiting on the curb for us. I sighed contentedly as I took a seat in luxurious interior of the car. I smoothed my dress down, as Martin lowered himself into the seat next to me. I rested my head back and yawned.

“Tired are we Ms. Ortinez?” I smiled in response and closed my eyes.

“Can I ask you something?” I suddenly felt a burst of courage, and turn my body towards him.

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