Chapter 6

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        Mel and I want to work with Twilight, so we start doind some ground work. Right now, Mel is trying to do something called the 'join up'.

        I sit on the fence. Mel stops trying to move him and he turns to face her. She turns her back on him, and he comes to her.

        Mel gives Twilight an affectionate pat then slips his halter on. I gawk at the scene. Mel laughs at me. "Close your mouth. You'll catch flies."

        We both start laughing. Mel puts Twilight back into his big stall with fresh bedding and some nice hay for him to munch on.

        Mel and I go to see Dakota. He's a really nice looking horse, but he can be... spooky. Mel taps me on the shoulder.

        "Go on. Go. He won't hurt you." Mel tells me. I go into his pen and he just sits there, staring at me.

        I take a step closer and hold out my hand. I cluck to him afew times. he takes three steps closer to me. Mel hands me a lead rope. I clip it on to his halter.

        We go to the round ring. I do the join up as Mel did. Dakota starts off at a fast trot then a canter. I keep moving him.

        "Okay. See how he's licking his lips. That means he is ready to join up." Mel calls to me. I stop and Dakota turns to me.

        I turn around and wait. I feel a hot breath on my shoulder. I turn and see Dakota. I slip on his halter.

        Mel gives me a saddle pad and a kind of strap to hold the saddle blanket on. I put the pad on his back. He starts to spook, but I stop him.

        I try angain. He's okay with it now. I put the stap around him then start to lunge him. He is slower now.

        He goes around at a steady trot. I'm happy with my work. Dakota gets tired after a while, so we put him back.

        My parents pick me up after that. I go to my room and text Mel.

        Me: Hey. u wanna hang 2morrow?

        Mel: Sure. lets meet at the barn.

        I turn my phone off, put on my PJ's and go to sleep. Today was a great day!

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