-----After a few hours----------

Everybody went to sleep except Jai, Luke and me. We were watching a Christmas movie. I got cold and had some shivers. Jai noticed it and placed his arm around me. So we ended up cuddling. Jai also stared to feed me popcorns, like they were airplanes and I did the same to him. It felt nice.

Luke was just there taking pictures and videos of us and uploading them.

And then I fell asleep. . .


Morning ---

I slowly opened my eyes. Sunshine was going through my window and it looked like a scene from the movie.

I stood up and and looked at myself in the mirror. - A hot mess. Ohh well.. I just put my Christmas sweater.

Then I realized. It's Christmas! I quickly ran to the door and opened them to see Jai right in front of me.

"Wha..-" I started to speak but Jai pushed me into my room quickly locking

them and pressed his lips on mine like a speed of light. Of course I kissed him back. I mean c'mon!

He pressed me against the wall, his arms were traveling all around my body, while mine were in his hair. "Jump" Jai whispered and that's what I did. His hands were now on my butt. But I didn't mind it. He walked over to my bed and we laid down not breaking the kiss. This feels like deja vu.

He wasn't rough or anything. It was a slow and gentle make out session.

After another 10 minutes I broke the kiss and we just laid there looking at each other.

"Marry Christmas, Beautiful" Jai said and pecked my lips. I smiled like an idiot and started to blush.

"Marry Christmas" I whispered giggling.

"We should go down stairs for presents!" I said like a little kid.

"Really? All you care about is presents and flirting with boys.." He said annoyed. I was looking at him, still not believing what I have heard just few seconds ago.

"Excuse me? Wait a minute..For you information it's Christmas and everyone buys each other presents because they care about each other. And how fucking dare you to tell me that all I care about is flirting with boys?! I wasn't the one who flirted with a granny outside the fucking store! " I basically started to whisper/scream. I was fuming!

"I didn't mean it that way I jus..-"I cut him off. "Yes you did. You're an asshole" I spat and quickly ran to my bathroom to get ready. But it was hard to hold back my tears. How could he possibly be so bipolar? What the hell is wrong with him?


It was very awkward tension between me and Jai. Thank God he was sitting on the other end of the table so I didn't really see his face. I didn't even open my presents. I just said I'll do it later.

Everyone was talking and laughing. I was just..there. ''I'll go to get some fresh..air" I mumbled and walked outside.

I sat on the stairs. The moon was out and the sky was clear that enabled me to see beautiful shining stars.

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