Chapter 1: The Last Day Of School

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Len's P.O.V.
I always thought I had a good life that is until my mom and dad adopted my younger brother Oliver. Me and my twin sister Rin were jealous of him for the longest amount of time because he had always gotten all the attention and guess what, he still does! And on top of this he goes to the same school as me and do you know how many girls crowd around him at lunch? To many! I can't even think of the last time a girl actually noticed me because of what Oliver does to get their attention. I swear that boy is nothing but trouble. But since today is the last day of school I'm sure to get at least three girls to notice me not including my sister, though if she wasn't my sister that would somewhat count, right? Anyways I think that it will be a great day no matter how many girls notice me which I hope will be a lot.

~~~~Time Skipping~~~~

Later at school
"Morning Oliver" I heard Miku Hatsune the prettiest girl in school say. "Morning Miku. Why don't you look lovely today." My younger brother replied back. Oh how I wished that I could hit his sorry face as hard as I could. Why the heck does he get all the attention while I'm stuck here in the shadows? I can never figure that out I mean I've been going here longer than he has for crying out loud. "Morning Len!" Screamed a fimalar voice. It was none other than Lui Hibiki and tagging along with him was his step sister Ring Suzune. "Moring Lui, Morning Ring." I said. "Is your brother talking to Miku again?" Ring questioned as she pointed over to where my brother and Miku were standing. "Don't point." I cautioned. Then the bell rang signalling that all the students had to get to their homerooms. Ah just another day in the life of me Len Kagamine.

Hey guys its me. So what'd you think of this first chapter? I don't think I did such a good job and if there are any mistakes please fix them for me. The next chapter will contain more of both Rin and Oliver along with a new character. As for now this is Ari signing off and I hope you enjoyed this chapter.

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