Chapter 2

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Dean's POV: Sam and I heard about this family that was murdered. Sounds like a demon. The police said that a little girl was kidnapped, she was only 5 years old. That son of a bitch, kidnapping a little girl who is probably scared. Sam and I are gonna head out and see how we can kill this son of a bitch.

Sam and Dean were driving to Ohio, they were talking about the case. They were trying out to figure out what killed your family and what took you.


You were still chained up. You could feel yourself getting angry and sad. You watched your family die and you wanted to kill the witch. You may be five years old, but if anyone said or did anything to your family, you would of beaten them up. You hated the chains wrapped around your little wrists. It felt like they were getting tighter and tighter.

The witch: My little pest.
You stared at the witch with hatred in your eyes.
The witch: I see that you hate me.
You: Drop dead you old bag.
The witch then slaps you and you laugh.
The witch: What was that you little pest?!
The witch forcefully grabs your chin and makes you look at her.
You: You heard me. You old bag.
The witch then wraps her hand around your throat and she starts to choke you.

You: If you kill me, I will make your life a Hell. I will do everything I can to make people see the monster you are.

The witch's grip gets tighter and you grab her wrist and you squeeze her wrist tight.
The witch was laughing at how weak you were and then you squeeze her wrist tighter,you dug your nails into her skin making her bleed.
The witch let's go of your throat and she then slaps you hard.

The witch: You will show me respect young lady.
You: I won't ever show you respect. I hope you die a slow painful death.

The witch then uses her powers and sends you flying against the wall.

The witch: You will show me respect.
You: I will never show you respect you old bag!
The witch then leaves and she slams the basement door.

Your thought: Someone help me please. I want to get out of here. I want to be free. Someone please hear my prayer. Someone answer me please.

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