Chapter eleven

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Next thing I knew I was on my knees, my eyes connecting with the hard bulge infront of me and a tall powerful man looking down on me with his hand placed firmly on the top of my head

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Next thing I knew I was on my knees, my eyes connecting with the hard bulge infront of me and a tall powerful man looking down on me with his hand placed firmly on the top of my head.

"Unbuckle my belt" He says, his voice low and filled with dominance, I move my hands up towards his belt and unloop the hooks and slide his pants down along with his boxers.

"So fucking eager" Reid growled and I took in the sight of his vainy dick, hard and ready for my mouth.

"Mhm so hard for me already" I smirked but he didn't say anything in response. I gripped Reids long length in my hand stroking it a few times and running my thumb over the tip teasing him.

I spread his pre cum all over the tip before pressing kisses along the base up to his balls, Reid clearly did not like my teasing since his hand pushed down on the back of my head trying to get my mouth onto his cock.

"Do you want me to stop? Don't rush me" I demanded and he huffed in response letting go of his hold on my head. He would normally fight me on my dominant tone but in this case he just wants his dick sucked.

"Brat" He muttered under his breath and I chuckled lowly then sucked on the pink tip swirling my tounge around then pushing the whole thing in my mouth. Reid let out a strangled groan and I saw him throw his head back running both his hands down his face.

"Fuck you're amazing" He groaned and I peered up at him with teary eyes and his gaze was fixed on my blue orbs, I remained eye contact with him as I hollowed my cheeks around his cock licking the base.

I felt drool dribble down my chin when he pushed the back of my head futher into his rock solid dick and my eyes began to water even more ruining my mascara no doubt. Which was not waterproof.

My eyes widened when Reid fully shoved my mouth onto his thick cock not letting me breathe, the tip of his cock reached the back of my throat and tears fell down my cheek and I tapped his thigh so he could release me.

"Fuck" I breathed gasping and an evil smirk crept on Reids face.

"I fucking love when you choke on my cock" Reid chuckled and I popped his dick back in my mouth bobbing my head up and down waiting for him to release.

"Mhm fuck, such a pretty little girl on the floor with tears running down your cheeks" He carressed my cheek with the back of his hand and wiped away a tear with his thumb and I still remained still eye contact with him.

I felt his cock jerk in my mouth meaning that he's ready to come "Fuck Anna" Reid groaned spilling his semen in my mouth and I caught every last drop not wasting any.

He pulled himself out of my mouth and smirked when I opened my mouth showing him all the cum in a pile on my tounge "Always such a good girl for daddy" He murmured wiping the tears away from my eye and I finally swallowed his cum.

Reid tucked himself back into his boxers and buckled his slacks back up and I took this as an opportunity to quickly wipe away the mascara flakes under my eye crease.

"I wouldn't call that taking it slow" I remarked and he turned to me.

"I know" he sighed "You always love taking things fast" He said lowly.

"Very funny" I giggled "The others are wating for us we should probably go" I suggested and Reid nodded pulling his suitcase and mine for we as we headed out the door.

After a super fucking long flight home we finally reach New York. Since it's 11pm here everyone is going home. I slept most of the flight but I was awake enough to hear Cara flirting with Reid the whole time telling him how she's excited for her date with him.

Honestly I wish I could just smack her but then again she is young and a crush is a crush I can't stop her for liking Reid but I can certainly put her in her place.

Now it's just Reid and I sat in the airpost diner munching on fries and sipping on milkshakes since we have nothing better to do.

"So what happened with stripping? why didn't you go back?" Reid questioned half chewing on his food.

"It just didn't make me feel good anymore" I shrugged stuffing my face full of fries trying to avoid the topic and he didn't say anything else on the subject, he knew it made me uncomfortable.

"How's Grace?" I smirked, he probably wasn't involved with Grace anymore but I still liked to tease even though I fucking hated that bitch.

"She's in prison" He answered and my eyes widened. Surely a girl like her couldn't have been arrested? and I would've found out if she was the girl is a Victorias secret model for fucksake.


"Do you want the truth? It may be hard for you to hear" He says placing his hand on top of mine.

"The truth would be nice" I giggled but Reids face remains the same, a cold expression.

"The day you were... assaulted by Adrien, Grace actually paid him to do that" My eyebrows furrow "Grace paid him to rape you"

My head is filled with questions, why the fuck would Grace do something like that? why would anyone do that? I don't even know how to feel, and the fact that Reid never told me makes my blood run cold.

"Why didn't you tell me this? I deserve to know, I was his fucking victim" I moved my hand from under his and looked him right in the eye.

"I didn't want to ruin the life you built by bringing up the past, I saw pictures of you on Instagram and saw how happy you were I didn't want to fuck everything up, I'm sorry baby"

"I don't even know what to say" I drop my face in my hands "I'm just glad he didn't get to... to rape me I guess" My eyes begin to well up and the flashbacks from that day appear in my mind.

He touched me so roughly and he had an intent to rape me. He saw me that day and took me down there knowing that he was going to rape me, I fucking saw Grace and spoke to her and she knew she sent Adrien to rape me.

"Anna look at me" Reid spoke softly and I peered at him through my teary eyes "He can't hurt you anymore and neither can she, she's gone for good and if the police hadn't had got to her first I would've killed her myself"

A broken sob leaves my lips and Reid stands up from his seat and sits beside me pulling me in for a warm hug, I sob into his chest and he whispers words of reassurance in my ear trying his best to calm me down.

I would be more mad at Reid for not telling me this but I do understand he didn't want to ruin my happiness with this information plus I really need a shoulder to cry on right now, or better yet -- a chest.

"Let's go to my place"

Yall i maintained my whoreness on halloween... i dressed as a slutty bunny and managed to kiss a guy but that was it, hookups are overrateddd

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