3 Types of People in Life

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Misao lunged forward with a scowl and separated Jane and Jeff. She glanced worriedly at Jeff's immensely imbrued white hoodie. But all the killer did was grin and shrug. She chuckled then glared at Jane. Jeff seemed to watch in interest and awe as Misao took his knife and stabbed the hell out of her."Jump to conclusions again....I dare you."Misao snarled, pointing to a little portal that had appeared. Jane yelped and limped away. She handed Jeff his knife with a nod and a smile. Misao froze, feeling Jeff take her hand."Thanks but...err....I could have handled Jane myself."He said softly, gritting his teeth a little. Misao shrugged and laughed. Liu was leaned up against the wall."....no no no Jeffery! You know she's claimed....you know very well."Liu sneered, more like Sully. Jeff dropped her hand immediately and his hand shot to his neck, rubbing it. There was a scar.....and rope - like scar. Misao blinked her amber eyes, they were full of confusion. Jeff motioned her off with a weak smile. Misao nodded slowly then exited the kitchen. She walked outside and saw glowing yellow light dimly in the distance of the dark woods. She narrowed her eyes and tilted her head."...?" Misao yelped as Puppeteer came into view and crashed into her. She scowled lightly and shoved him off with a huff.

Puppeteer smiled though. He admired Misao. Coming off of her, he took her hand and pulled her to her feet. Puppeteer was tempted to kiss her but he knew how she would react....or did he? He shook the thought and smiled again. His mouth formed a few words but he just stopped. Slender and his brothers were still running after him, too lazy to teleport. He looked around shortly then pulled Misao into a sudden kiss. Sparks flew in between, Puppeteer pulled her closer to his body. Misao seemed to accept. She kissed back, sliding her arms around his neck as her entire body kind of relaxed. But in quick realization, Misao kicked him away with a glare. A white tentacle slithered around his neck slowly and constricted. Misao grinned at Offender."Finally.....he's been bothering the hell out of me."She muftered. Misao walked into the mansion before Offender could say anything and dashed up to her room. She ran her fingers across her soft lips...did she like kissing Puppeteer? Misao still growled. She glanced out her window.....the woods. They were her safe haven. But she still wished to go out farther."Freedom or death, they're both two sides of the same coin."Misao said to herself. Her eyes flickered sorrowfully. She felt locked up in a cage, destined to rot. But this was life of creepypastas, they sat in a mansion with others they hated and could not leave without having a reason, that one reason was to go kill.......or go refill the fridge. Misao scowled and gripped her katanas that decided to come out of their case. She slammed through the window, the shattering glass scattering along the roof. The sound made everyone jump and dash outside. Misao ran along the roof, her katanas hanging at her side. Seedeater tried to stop her, but Misao just slashed into his arm arndynd he tumbled back down to the ground. She grinned."Don't the birds break out of their shell, to fly in the sky and not in a cell. Not to crawl pathetically, or trade freedom for the chains. Why do you have wings such as these? It means nothing when you're not free. The sky it looks too small in this cage. I'll break free and fly high away! Freedom is as death is, they're both two sides of the same coin. Freedom or death, it's your choice. Choose one to be your ally!"Misao sung aloud as she stopped at the end of the roof. Everyone stared up at her, somewhat confused. But once they realized what she meant, they chunked their weapons at her. Creepypastas knew that if they left the safety of their home, they could be captured and tortured by authorities.

Misao stood tall as she made the decision. She glanced down at Slender and the others."The wings of freedom."She chose. Misao leapt from the roof, as if she would sprout wings. It was like she was commiting suicide. But Misao landed near a tree. Before smashing into the ground, her arms hooked onto a branch and swung her into the tree. Misao ran along the trees, staring down as she saw the others were in pursuit. But then glancing back....she saw that Sally had been with her, the little girl was on her side. So was Toby and Puppeteer. She smiled. She had just made a little rebellion. "Our presence is not in vain!"Misao shouted in a singy voice. But a black tentacle shot up and tore her down. Misao thrashed."You know very well why you can't be free! I don't want to lose any of my damn wards!"He yelled. Misao froze. "I have had enough of this. Misao, what's with you being so defiant lately?"He then asked. She glanced town shortly. "We're waiting every night, to finally roam and invite, newcomers to play with us. For many years we've been all alone."She replied, quoting from the song she listens to. "Mainly nobody here but four people understand how I live...."Misao confessed with a sad sigh. Slender seemed to frown, Splendor took the girl. "Misao, child....." He turned her so she could look down at all the creepypastas that had chased after her. Few carried looks of immense worry." Never forget three types of people in your life. The ones who helped you in difficult times, the ones who left you in difficult times, and the ones who put you in difficult times."Splendor said softly. Misao then shook her head."But.....I know of only two types of people of people in this world. Those who want to break in and those who want to break out."

I'll put the song up. And the one Misao quoted from was "Five Nights at Freddy's" from The Living Tombstone.

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