Carl ⇨ your from Alexandria safe zone ( diary form )

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Today they brought in a group. There were lots of people. More than in a long time. But the bad part is exactly that. They don't outnumber us but look way stronger than any of the string beans here. Looking at them reminded me of what it was like out there. How hard vs. the easiness of Alexandria.

But, then there was the boy. He was the leaders son and had some damn near perfect looks. We talked, about outside a little bit earlier. Being apart of some sort of tough love welcoming committee it was my job. Anyways, he was sweet and seemed to have an interest for me to.

I hope something happens with us for the good. I'm only 14 but I'm tired of being so lonely.

Until tomorrow,

This sucks, sorry I was rushing. But I thought since I picked a pick from that scene is ask, what do you guys think of Enid? I think she needs to back the hell away from my man! You?

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