Chapter 17

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Kill the leaders or die the next day!

Believe me!

I looked up out of the window and saw a very large sign warning me with a strange message that i couldn't figure out what it actually meant. All of the vehicles stopped. "Whats happening?" I asked. No one replied, we just got out and had a look. There was a gate leading into the city. Various things were going through my mind like, is there a whole city full of survivors? or is it filled with zombies? I didn't know what to do. "Whats this?" Leighanna asked. I walked over to her whilst she was holding a note.


I looked up at leighanna in confusion. "I have a plan!" Leighanna said whilst taking control. "We will need just 2 people to do the dirty work. Shane, since you are new, prove to us that your not a wimp and Sinead, prove to the men that us women are strong. You guys can do it! What i want you to do it climb over the gate, search for any zombies. If there is none there we will open the gate, If there is some go in and kill as many as you can then we Will open the gate and we will run in and help you. If it gets to out of control... well... we will think of it when it happens... if it happens. After that we will scan the area to see it there is any farms, zombies, people or supplies. Got it?" Leighanna demanded. Sinead and Shane started to climb the wall. "No No No!" Shane said. "Whats the matter?" I asked. "There are thousands of them. THOUSANDS!" sinead replied. I insisted that we just turned around and head a different direction, but i was interrupted. "No, there are thousands of people!" I entered the code and the gates opened. "THEY ARE NOT PEOPLE THEY ARE ZOMBIES!" Leighanna screamed. Shane and Sinead high fived and laughed as they watched us drive off.

(Sinead's POV)

They were starting to annoy me, lucky thing Shane knew about the zombie city. I high fived Shane but it was a bad idea. With the gates already wobbling with the zombies pushing on it, Smacking someones hand was not helping. We both started to wobble. Shane fell. "SHANE!" I shouted. The zombies started ripping him to pieces. I was now stable, but stranded.

(Meagan's POV)

I saw a road, the road where the zombies got the group. I was convinced that the group was still out there on that road. Zoom! The trucks brushed past me "GUYS!" I shouted. There was no action taken and they just carried on driving. I looked back and there were hundreds of thousands of zombies chasing the trucks. It was best that i stayed silent. I went in the opposite direction Of where the zombies were going. "SHANE!" I herd in the distance. I started to run towards the shouting. I saw a girl standing on a gate. I hid behind the tree "hang on is that Sinead?" I asked myself. "Sinead!" I whispered loudly. She looked over at me and screamed for help, but i didn't know what to do.

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