Chapter 16

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I walked into the back of the food truck to get something to eat for everyone. I moved some boxes and I saw Sophie sleeping. "Sophie?" I asked. She woke up and looked at me. "Your alive!" I yelled. I sat down next to her with a bar of chocolate and she explained how she got away. "When the 3 trucks were driving i almost thought you, sinead and the other trucks didn't make it." She said. "Well ... Me and Sinead made it but im sorry, the others didn't." I replied. Sophie showed no emotion, got out of the truck and said hi to the others. I got the food that we were going to eat and we ate it. Sinead and I were the firsts to finish. "Just follow the road straight ahead. If there is any problem just fire these flares I found in one of the trailers. Okay?" I demanded. We set off and after a few hours of driving straight we came across a caravan parked up. "Sinead, stop the truck!" I said. We got out and we saw the other trucks pull up. I saw that the caravan had the keys in the door. The caravan started to shake. It was as if there were people inside. I turned the key slowly and silently, opened the door and went in. There was no one in the front room, kitchen or any of the bedrooms. There was just one place left to check. The bathroom. I slowly turned the handle of the bathroom and pulled the door towards me. I got my swords at the ready. "Get away! Please! I mean no harm!" There was a man sitting next to the sink screaming at us not to hurt him. "We wont hurt you just be quiet! You might attract the zombies!" I whispered in a angry voice. I told everyone to park the trucks up. I asked if everyone was allowed in and he said that we could. We locked the door just in case and we asked him a few questions. "What is your name?" I asked. "Shane." He replied. We were there for 10 minutes before we saw the first zombie. I picked up the sword but Shane picked up a knife. "I've got this!" He said. He unlocked the door and went out to stab it. "We better get going, we can't stay here." I exclaimed. We had one person in each truck and one person driving Shane's car that was pulling the caravan that held the rest of us in. "Is there any more of you?" Francesca asked. "No its just me. It use to be my wife as well, but you know. Stuff happens ... " Shane replied. I looked at Francesca and didn't say anything.

A few more hours went past and the time was 1:00 am. "You know... Its my birthday today. Im 14." Francesca said. "Happy birthday Francesca!" I said. "Lets just hope it will be a good day when we wake up..." She replied.

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