Chapter 12: Weekend (P4)

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NaMi's POV

As we enter, I looked for Min and Luhan.

"Where could they be?" I asked as I saw an arm raised waving it towards us indicating that they are there sitting infront.

"Oh! There they are!" I say and went towards them but to my disappointment there is no more space left for us to sit.

"Yah! Why didn't you reserve us seats?" I asked irritatingly at Min.

"Well.. you didn't ask for it. So how would I know?" Min stated.

"Yah.. I thought we'll watch together and you didn't even save some seats for us. Aish... nice eonnie... you are too generous that everyone will like you." I sarcastically said.

"Sorry... but try finding some available seats in the other areas for sure there are?" Min said.

"Yeah.. Min's right I think we should find another seat." Sehun exclaimed.

"We?? Go on by yourself. I'm not watching with you beside me." I said glaring at him.

"Who said that I'm sitting beside you? Oh.. I think you've misunderstood. What I mean is why don't we try to look for some available seats if there are, not sit together." He said in a matter-of-fact-tone.

"Yeah... right." I boredly say.

So we parted ways and looked for some seats but unfortunately there isn't even one space left. I guess we'll be standing up watching the movie.

Until when I saw a pair of couple walked out from their seats.

Aha! I found one! Yey!

I hurriedly ran to the seat and took it. At the same time Sehun came and took the seat beside me. And don't tell me he's going to take this place? Or even sit with me? Aish.. jinjja!

"I'm the first one to take this place so go away! Find yours!" I said glaring at him.

"No way! I was the first one here!" He said raising his voice louder.

"I said I was the first!"

"No, I was!"

"No, it was me!"

"Oh yes... it's me"

"Well it's mine"

"SHHHH!!! Keep your voices down!! We are watching!" The people say. But we just ignored what they said and continued glaring at each other.

"Hey! Why don't you two just sit together. There's nothing wrong with it!" One person said.

"Yes, there is!" We said in unison and that made the people make us hushed again.

"Ara... we'll just take the seats. Aish..." Sehun said in defeat. And took our seats sitting side by side. Weird to say but I think it's better for me to go out than watch the movie with this guy over here.

So we took our seats and sat side by side. I took out my chips as the movie started playing. I ate and ate as I watch the movie but then suddenly Sehun took my chips away from which made me glare to him. Just what on earth is he doing? It's my chips. Should he even take my chips? This bastard...

"What do you think are you doing? That's my chips *takes it away from him but missed it*" I say with an irritation in my voice.

"Well I paid for it." He stated still focusing on the movie. Wah... no wonder he paid it because he'll just take it back. Nice Sehun... very nice... it's so kind of you. You bastard!

"Give it back!" I commanded but he ignored me.

"I used my money for it so it's mine" He said smirking at me.

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