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Sherlock joined the chatroom 

Anderson joined the chatroom 

Sherlock- What are you doing here Anderson?

Anderson- Do you even know my first name?

Sherlock- I asked a question, please answer it. 

Anderson- Lestrade wanted me to ask you if you'll join a case. Fancy one?

Sherlock- Yes. If you come... DON'T. 

Anderson- Why?

Sherlock- You will lower the IQ of the whole street, making it harder for me to analyze evidence. 

Anderson- What if there was another one of me?

Sherlock- Well... we'd probably have no brains and we will all be dumb... And I wouldn't be working with you... so goodbye Anderson. Tell Lestrade to call me, I will explain details. 

Sherlock left the chatroom 

Anderson left the chatroom 


Do you think Anderson is worth being in Sherlock? And do you think he lowers the IQ of the whole street ;) ?

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