Reiko's POV

"Let's find Ryouko"-Me

"Okay.Let's go"-Yukiteru

*Ryouko,We're coming*-Okumura


Ryouko's POV


"I need to get out"-Me

"I know"-Me

Then I use my lightning to break the cage and it works...

"I need to get out of this castle"-Me

Then I ran really fast...


Reiko's POV


"That was fast"-Me

"So,this is the entrance to the castle"-Yukiteru


"But how can we open the gates?"-Me

"You're right"-Okumura

"And only lightning can destroy it"-Yukiteru

"I wish Ryouko was here"-Me

"If Ryouko is with us.There's no point going here''-Okumura


"But we should think"-Yukiteru

"Think Think.Brain Blast"-Me

"What was that for?"-Yukiteru

"Oh nothing n_n"-Me


"Huh?"-Me and Yukiteru

Then suddenly the gate has been destroyed...

"What the.."-All



"Atlast you're here *hugged*"-Yukiteru

"No touching!No touching"-Ryouko


"So-sorry.I'm just happy you're safe"-Yukiteru




"Let's go"-Ryouko

Then suddenly someone talk...

"Surprise Surprise"-Girl


"I didn't know that you can escape"-Kyouko

"What do you want?"-Me

"Nothing.But boss wants the Angel of Catastrophy.So,They can destroy the universe together"-Kyouko

"We won't help"-Me and Ryouko


"Even we were are the angel you're saying we won't help any bad people"-Me

"Is that so?"-Kyouko

"Yes"-Me and Ryouko

Then suddenly both of us glow and have a angel wings...

"It's so beautiful"-Kyouko

~Total Silence~

"But you need to fight all the familiar darkness to fight my boss"-Kyouko

"Watch us"-All

Then suddenly Kyouko vanished and all familiar darkness appeared...

"Are two ready?"-Ryouko


"Let's fight"-Me

After that we fight...

"Queen of Fire lend me your flames.Flames of Light!"-Me

"Goddess of Lightning give strength.Lightning of heaven and earth!"-Ryouko

"Legendary King of Light lend me courage.Eyes of Destroyer!"-Yukiteru

"Emperor of Ice give me your pover.Ice of Sorrow"-Okumura

After a few hour...

"To many of them"-Ryouko


Then suddenly we heard a voice...

The Angel of Catastrophy can unite their body.So,They can be very powerful..

Then I look to Ryouko.And Ryouko look to me...

"So,We need to unite"-Me

"Let's do it"-Ryouko

End of Chapter 28


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