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Alex's P.O.V

"Ok I need to know the full story not the short version. All of it Alexa. Please?"

"Well Demi it's not that easy you know. I can't repeat the worst day of my life and all those nightmares and flashbacks just like that."

I was getting angrier by the minute. I know this is nothing to get angry for but just remembering it makes me feel uncomfortable. "I can't tell you Ok? There are a lot of things not just dad. Ugh I hate that word."

She looked at me for a second before she spoke. "Ok look I have a story of my own. You tell me yours I tell you mine deal?" She took her hand out so I could shake it.

"But how don't I know you're just gonna tell me something I already know? I mean I'm a super lovatic I know everything. And I'm your daughter so....."

"I promise this is a personal thing. But you tell me first." She looked like she was telling the truth. I couldn't lie to her now this is the moment.


"Mommy my puppy pooped on the floor. What should I do?." Anne's little body came in view.

Demi just chuckled a little and shook her head. "I didn't think it was gonna happen so fast. Go tell Maddie she'll know what to do. I need to talk to sissy for a minute then i'll help you Ok?"

She just nodded and left. But not before she gave me a hug. She's the sweetest thing."Ok like I was saying. Um.."

"Demi I need y........ oh sorry didn't see you there Al. I better leave you two I can handle it alone." Maddie said before closing the door behind. Why does everyone come at the time I wanna start.

"Ok now speak."

"Well when I was born I lived with my father. He was a very nice man. I don't really know much about my mom to be honest. Then one night when I was about 2 years old someone came into the house and kidnapped me. While he ran we got hit my a car and I went into coma. That man was actually a nice person trying to save me from a house robbery. He found me a family and they adopted me even though they didn't know if I was gonna live but they had hopes. That was the family I was living with before I came here. When I woke up from coma I didn't remember anything. I thought they were my actual parents and nothing was different. When my dad became abusive (I mean the adoptive one) I started having flashbacks." I stopped to breathe for a second. It was quite hard telling this. Demi was the first person I was telling this too. No one knew. "I started seeing my actually dad and some stuff. But I never talked. When my abusive dad left I stopped having the flashbacks and I had totally forgot about them so I lived a normal life with my 3rd dad. Everything went fine until I came here. I started having flashbacks again. I can see people and myself but can't figure out the faces. Ughh why do I have to be so fucked up?"

I couldn't hold it in anymore. I relapsed and started crying like a maniac. I know Demi had to tell me her story but I guess it could wait. This was enough overwhelming for me.

Before I knew it my lungs were getting tighter. I gasped for air. Even though it was there it couldn't get into my lunges. "Demi.... c..c..Can't bre...athe help."

"Baby it a panic attack. Don't worry breathe with me in and out in and out slowly. Look at me you're gonna be fine princess don't worry about It."

Demi's P.O.V

After I calmed her down she lay her head in my lap and started crying. After a few minutes she had fallen asleep and looked like an angel at peace.

I started thinking about the things she had told me. The begining was kinda ringing a bell but I couldn't remember exactly what.

Then It clicked... Wilmer. I laid Alexa carefully on the bed and went outside.

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