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𝐗𝐗𝐕: 𝐉𝐞𝐚𝐥𝐨𝐮𝐬𝐲

My eyes widened as my breath hitched in my throat. I knew we acted a lot like we were dating already, but I never really expected her to ask if I could be her girlfriend. But I also wasn't sure if she was 100% serious.

Did she just mean it as a dare and nothing more?

"Are you serious?" Was the only think I could ask. I immediately felt bad when I saw how her face scrunched up; she was obviously hurt by my words. She scooted a closer to me, and I felt my cheeks heat up as her knees touched mine and I could feel her breath fanning my face.

"Why wouldn't I be?" She said lowly, turning her attention to my hair, weaving her fingers through it. I could only stare, as I felt my heart swell and a blissful feeling filled my chest.

I discreetly pinched my thigh to see if this was a dream.

But I still stayed silent with shock. I had never been in any sort of position like this, and had never been asked something like this. Sae-byeok looked up at me, and I could tell she was nervously awaiting my answer.

For a moment, I stared at her before a smile graced its way onto my lips, my eyes creasing in the corners with happiness.

"Of course!"

◯ △ ▢

I giddily watched as Sae-byeok worked intently at the coffee machine, as I sat on my table. I never knew knowing how to use a coffee machine could be so attractive.

I waited patiently for her to make her way to my table and take my order, as I looked through the menu. I yawned as I looked at the time on my phone.

10:00 am. Way too early for me, but I wanted to surprise Sae-byeok at work today— which went terribly seeing I was way too excited and told her the second I woke up.

I grinned as she walked up to my table, a notepad in hand as she sent me a soft smile. I placed down the menu as she spoke. 

"What can I get for you?" She asked. Very professional of her as I pondered for a moment before my eyes lit up. I rested my head against my fist, as I smiled up at the girl. 

"Mm, pancakes, and your number." I joked and I saw a ghost of a smile make its way onto her face as she played along with me, while also making herself look busy so she wouldn't get reprimanded for slacking on the job. 

"I'm sorry, but I have a girlfriend." I jokingly frowned, leaning back and letting out a loud sigh, as she slightly leaned down to my level. For a moment I got lost in her dull eyes, that always seemed to brighten around me.  

"Isn't she lucky. She must be absolutely gorgeous to have caught your attention." I gushed, and I saw Sae-byeok bite her lip as I continued to drown myself in compliments. 

"You have no idea."

Before she got in trouble, she quickly wrote down my order before heading back to the front. I patiently waited for my food, scrolling through my phone and occasionally looking up to watch Sae-byeok in a not so creepy way. 

"Hello." I looked up from where my neck craned to watch my phone to see a pretty girl smiling at me. She didn't hesitate to slip in the seat in front of me, as I sent her a nervous smile. The situation was a bit confronting, and I prayed that I didn't look uncomfortable or rude in front of the girl. 

"Hi, can I help you?" I kindly asked, confused as to why she came to sit with me. Maybe she just wanted to make a friend or something, but that didn't make me feel any less awkward. She brushed back her short, black hair, and sent me a charming smile. 

"I just thought you were really cool and I was wondering if--," before she could finish her sentence, someone loudly cleared their throat from beside where we sat, and we both looked up to see an angry Sae-byeok holding my plate of pancakes. 

I sent her an appreciate smile, muttering a grateful thank you, as she glared at the poor girl in front of me. I was sure Sae-byeok had the wrong idea, and I'd explain to her the situation after her shift. 

The girl in front of me ignored her intimidating presence as she sent me a warm smile, opening her mouth to speak again, until she was once again, cut off. I could see her patience diminishing as she finally acknowledged my girlfriend, shooting her a glare. 

"I'll see you after my shift, babe." Sae-byeok sent me a warm smile, as I nodded my head while my cheeks grew warm. She sent the girl another glare before walking off, not bothering to look back at the two of us. 

The girl pursed her lips before standing up and dusting off her pants. "On a second thought, I was just about to leave." 

◯ △ ▢

I waited outside in the cold as Sae-byeok quickly closed the restaurant, wrapping her welcoming arms around my rigid body. I started to relax in her hold as we silently walked to my house, before she spoke. 

"Who was she?" I looked up at her, to only see her looking straight ahead, her jaw clenched and her nose flared. If it weren't for the evident anger on Sae-byeok's face, I would've broken out in a fit of laughter because of her jealousy. 

"No idea," I shrugged my shoulders. "I think she wanted to make friends." I tried to reassure, but that clearly didn't work as I heard a loud scoff find its way out of Sae-byeok's lips. I felt her arm tighten around me if possible. 

"Friends my ass." She muttered under her breath, and this time I couldn't help but laugh at her agitated state. Me finding humour in this situation obviously annoyed her, as her frown only deepened further. 

I shook my head, poking her side playfully. 

"You're the most jealous girl I've ever met." I mused, and her head snapped down towards me, scrutinising my relaxed figure. 

"You know other girls?" 

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