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Rain was pouring down from the gray skies that the sound of droplets blurred into one long, whirring noise

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Rain was pouring down from the gray skies that the sound of droplets blurred into one long, whirring noise. Puddles of water formed on land, requiring people to carefully watch their step to avoid slipping or splashing the rainwater. Amidst the downfall, the students of 1-A were currently in the school's gym because of their physical education period. Volleyball was the lesson. They were spending their time playing and practicing their spikes, blocks, receives and serves. Some were good at it, yet some were also not a player of the sport.

For instance, Y/N. She wasn't the sporty type and rarely plays any extra-curricular activity. But for the sake of getting a grade, she had to participate even when she only knows a little of playing.

The task was assigned in pairs to present the basic movements in volleyball. Before the preparation, their teacher was giving demonstrations and instructions in helping them carry out the activity. They were given time to practice before demonstrating what they've learned.

"Wow Y/N! You're a fast learner!" her red haired classmate praised, giving her an approval that she did good. She was paired with Sekiguchi Meiyu, an enthusiastic girl that liked to argue with the boys of their class. She was responsible for teaching her the movements, after all she is an experienced volleyball player.

Y/N was getting the hang of it after being taught for a few minutes, she wasn't as bad as she thought herself would be.

"Can we try doing the whole thing?"


They had planned to demonstrate in a creative way, considering they may get an additional grade for it per Meiyu's suggestion. She thought of something like a synchronized performance in which Y/N agreed upon. The focus of their plan was their feet moving in directions while maintaining the ball bouncing on their arms.

Meiyu didn't deny it when the inspiration of the idea came from the arcade game DDR or the infamous Dance Dance Revolution, but this time it comes with a volleyball twist. Y/N commended her on creativity. DDR is a dancing game that requires the player to step on the designated arrows of the dance mat pad, coinciding with the sequence of arrows shown on screen.

"We did it perfectly..." Meiyu huffed, she was holding her breath at some point in focus to receive the ball, "Are you ready to present Y/N?"

Y/N was drinking her bottled water while taking the time to rest for a bit, "Yeah, I'm ready." Meiyu gave her a small grin.

•° ੈ ⋆°

"Alright! I'm applauding everyone for the wonderful demonstration you've given me. There were those who've done it amazingly, and there were those who've done it that caught my eye~. And so! Everyone can spend the remaining time here to do whatever you want, playing is allowed as long as it's an indoor sport~" Eidehara Yuubi, their PE instructor happily announced, clapping her hands together.

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