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I mean, I know I got to respect August decision because he is her father but on the other hand, I know I got to keep fighting because, I love Autumn. We been seeing each other a couple months now and her father out an end to that today. I can't just forget her. If I have to die to get to her and get her back? Than let me get my suit ready. Sure she's slot younger but in this case fuck age!!

"Hey, Mr.Neverson! Is TJ home?"

"Yeah upstairs"

"Can I go up?"


I nodded and went upstairs and knocked at his door, he opened letting me in and we dapped

"What's up? Thought you was going to be with Autumn?"

"We broke up."

"TF? Why? Y'all was inseperatable, what happened?"

"Her father and I got into an altercation because he wanted me to leave her and it happened she broke up with me because of him."

"I knew that was gone happen sooner or later, I told you not to get involved especially after April hates your guts."

"I don't understand why though? She thinks she gots me figure out, but I'm nothing like she says I am."

"Exactly and that's why we need to talk to him"

"I'm not about to talk to August. Not now. Right now, I need to get my girl back starting tomorrow"

"How you plan on doing that?"

"Have her meet you at your practice"

"Than April gone come"

"You let me deal with April"

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