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"You're mad." Mark realised as Natalie drank her whiskey at Joe's. She had been silent since they left her house after Mark announced to Amber that they were going to live in the same house. And Amber pretty much kicked them out with a 'cool'. And Natalie had not said a word to Mark since then, mad at him and worried about Amber. Their date night was obviously cancelled and they ended up at Joe's just drinking in silent. 

"You think so?" Natalie scoffed. 

"I thought you would have told her by now. I'm sorry." Mark apologised as she motioned the barman for a refill, when Natalie's glass was empty. 

"I've heard that word enough today. You know it was supposed to be just us tonight doing something I was really looking forward to. Yet we're at Joe's drinking a cheap whiskey like every other night. And that because you just wanted Isaac to know who had the Natalie Turner now." Natalie made a click sound with her tongue, emphasising how mad she was. 

"I wasn't doing that..." Natalie gave him a look. "Okay fine." He admitted. "I can't just ignore the fact that he is living at your house. He could have said anything to you and..."

"And what?" Natalie interrupted him. "You think I'd cheat on you with him? Him of all people on this planet? He is my ex-husband for a reason, a reason I haven't really forgotten."

"You guys were a family once, the three of you and you're under the same roof... and do you know how that makes me feel?" Mark shared his worried with her and Natalie's face quickly softened. She intertwined their fingers together and squeezed his hand in the process.  

"He is not my family." Natalie shook her head. "Amber is my family, and you are my family." Her other hand reached for his cheek and stayed there as she continued talking. "And maybe we can all be a family at some point. I love you Mark, just when I thought that I'd never be able to be with someone else, I fell in love with you. You've made me feel scared of losing you. And I love you and hate you for that, all at the same time." She chuckled softly.

"I'm scared of losing you too." Mark took the hand that was rested on his face and kissed her palm and then her lips. "But you don't have to worry about losing me, that I can promise you."


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Natalie returned home alone after, knowing that she needed to talk to Amber. Explain. Make sure that she was okay with everything. Because for Natalie, her daughter's opinion mattered more than what or who she wanted. And as she entered the house, she was surprised to find Amber sitting in the living room, watching TV. "You're up." She spoke.

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