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I walked upstairs to my room and shut the door and sat on the bed, April looked over at me and I shook my he's grabbing my earplugs and laptop, I placed the earplugs into my laptop and turning up Chris Brown music and I just scrolled around on the internet completely ignoring April.


I turned the music up a little louder


I turned it up even louder

"AUTUMN!" She yelled

I turned up so loud I though my eardrums would burst

"Autumn, stop ignoring me little girl. I know you hear me." She said taking the earplugs away from my ear

"Leave me the hell alone. Go and text your boyfriend or whatever" I told her pushing her away from me

"Why you mad at me?"

"Don't play stupid, April. Get the hell away from me before I seriously punch you."

"You gone punch me?"

"Yeah you better move" I told her

"You ain't gone hit me"

I punched her in the shoulder slamming my laptop screen down throwing the earplugs at her leaving out the room to be stopped by my dad, I snatched away and walk down the stairs, I went to the theatre room and just cried.


"What? Uncle Mel don't you have some better to do?"

"I'm dead, what else is there?"

"You're in heaven, there's plenty."

"Oh so now you don't wanna talk to your uncle Mel?"

"Look, uncle Mel I'm sorry."

"I know how you feeling but your father only doing this because he loves you so is April."

"But they don't even know Artavious. All they think about is his age. If they look deep they will see that he's way smarter than any kid in college"

"Yeah I know that but he's not the one for you, niecey niece."

"Here you go..." I said rolling my eyes crying

He sat next to me wrapping his arms around me and I laid my head on his shoulders

"How come I can see you?"

"I have my secrets and so do you."

I smiled

"There's that beautiful smile"

"Don't make me smile, I'm too mad."

"You're not mad you're just disappointed and hurt. You'll get over it."


"You will, one day you'll forget all about him."

"I can't and I won't."

"Autumn." My dad called

"I'll see you around"

"Ok uncle mel. love you"

"Love you too" he said kissing my forehead and leaving

My dad came and stood in front of me, I looked up at him than back down not saying a word

"Autumn, you got to let that go. I can't have you and your mom mad at me."

"Well, who fault is that."

"You just like your mama, I'm trying to protect y'all and y'all getting mad at a nigga."

"Maybe we don't want your protection, move out my damn way." I said pushing him as I got up but he grabbed me so tight in my arm my reflex came and I punched him in the face so hard I felt it

"Oh my god, daddy I'm so so sorry"


I never seen him this mad in my entire life, I walked upstairs and into the bedroom and laid in the bed, crying myself to sleep and I soon felt someone get into the bed with me and I looked over and seen April

"Am I really stupid?" I asked her

"No you just a stupid girl in love"

I sighed, "you know I don't hate you right?"

"Yeah I know"

"I love you." I told her

"I love you too." She said wiping my tears

I turned to face her and laid my head on her and she kissed my forehead and ran her fingers through my hair

"You really love this boy, huh!?"

"I wouldn't say love but he's always there for me and he really cares about me."

"I don't think he do."

"Get out." I told her


"I'm serious."

"Girl just stop being mad for one second and love on your sister"

I rolled my eyes and we hugged until I fell asleep.

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