who is he?

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It was 5 in the morning and i was ready for my daily routine.

"Morning jenna" i said to my aunt while laying down to her bed.

"Gud morning my little angel" jenna said while yawning.

"Jenna I'm going for a run. I'll be back within an hour" i said while fixing my hair.

"Okay. Don't keep me waiting.  I want you to meet someone" jenna said while waving at me.

"Okay jenna. Bye." I said smiling back to her.

Good morning beacon hills.  I'm emily.

I decided to run into the forest.  I am full of energy and I'm running as fast as i can. Listening to my music.  I'm starting to sweat now.. After running about half an hour i am at some creepy place.

What is this place?  It's a burned house. I wonder what would have happened here?
I am curious to go inside but wait am i scared to go inside? No emily you can't be scared i said to myself.  Why can't I feel my legs? My heart is beating very fast.

"This is private property.  What are you doing here?"
I heard this voice coming from behind me.

" I'm sorry. I didn't mean to intrude . I'll leave. " i said to that girl.

"You better not come back here." Said that girl while she was coming towards me.

" I won't " i said while moving far away from her.

And i started running as fast as i could. Who the hell was she? If i would have been there for one more second she would have killed me or even worse.

" I'm back jenna.''  I said while finding her.

"I'll be out in a minute " said jenna from bathroom.

"It's fine jenna. Even i want a shower" i went to my room for taking a shower.

I started to take shower but i was still thinking about that psychotic bitch who scared me to death.

I was getting ready to go with jenna. It was 8 in the morning.   She wanted to introduce me to someone.  I wonder who that person would be?

"You look pretty in this dress" said jenna while praising my beauty.

"Thanks for the compliment jenna" i said her while hugging her..

"Let's leave " said jenna.

" jenna do you know anything about that burned house in the woods? " i asked with curiosity.

"You mean the hale house? Wait you told me you went for a run? What were you doing there?" Said jenna while showing her anger.

" I'm sorry.  I didn't know it would be dangerous. " i said while holding jenna' s hand.

"Emily  I'm worried about you.  It's not safe in the woods.. " said jenna

Now we have arrived at beacon hills hospital.  Jenna is a doctor. She has saved many lifes and still she's doing an amazing work..

"Good morning doctor " said the receptionist to my aunt while giving her a smile.

"Good morning andy. She's my niece emily" jenna told andy.

"Well miss  emily you're a beautiful young lady." Andy said to me with a smile.

" Has Melissa McCall arrived yet?" My aunt asked the receptionist.

"Yes . She's doing her regular work." Andy told my aunt.

"Send her to my cabin" jenna told andy with a smile.

"Sure doctor" said andy

"You wanted me to introduce to a nurse?" I asked jenna.

"No i wanted you to make some friends while you're staying in beacon hills" my aunt replied.

"Morning doctor jenna. How are you? And who is this young beautiful lady?" Said melissa while touching my cheek.

"She's my niece emily.  Where's scott and stiles? " my aunt asked melissa.

"Boys will be boys. They will be here any minute now.  I told them about emily.  They're excited to meet her" said melissa to my aunt.

"Sorry melissa. It's all scott's fault that we are late. You should apologise scott. You know it's your fault." Said stiles while i was laughing ..

"This is my son scott and his partner in crime stiles" said melissa while making me laugh.

"Hi I'm emily. It's nice to meet you.  I hope we'll be good friends." I said while giving them a sweet smile.

"Now why don't you guys go outside and have some fun.  And Scott take care of my niece.  She's new here." Said my aunt to scott and stiles.

"Now where are we going?"  I asked the boys with curiosity.

Suddenly a black camaro arrived in front of us. And wait that's the psychotic bitch from this morning.  And who is this handsome man? I couldn't take my eyes of him. We both were staring at each other.  Why the hell am i nervous? I could here my heart beating fast.. He broke the eye contact with me and called scott. 
Scott wentto talk with him and i was still looking at him..

"WHO IS HE?" I asked stiles.

"He's nothing. " he replied while looking at scott.

"What do you mean by that  stiles?" I said him while  giving him a look..

"You don't wanna know about him emily.  He's bad news." Stiles replied while starring at that man..

Soon there conversation was over and scott came towards us while i was still looking at that man, avoiding that the bitch was staring at me. Before Leaving he looked at me again making me feel more nervous. Who is he? What is this feeling?
This has never happened before.  I want to see him again.

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