Call Me Uncle Shemar

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I pulled around the driveway to my house and seen my daughter on the step talking on her phone, she jetted up out the house yesterday so fast to avoid talking to me but, not today.


"Oh, hi dad. Got to go." She said standing up to leave hanging up her phone

"Nope..," I said pushing her back, "Sit down, we about to talk about this."

"I don't want to talk." She said

"I'm about two seconds from whooping your little spoil ass behind." I told her, "Now, SIT YOUR ASS DOWN!"

She smacked her lips

"Smack them lips one more time. Don't try me, Autumn. You really getting out of hand!"

"How? How am I getting out of hand?"

"First off,by the way you rolling your eyes, smacking your lips and disrespecting me in my own house and I'm your father. I gave life to you and I am not afraid to take you out. Get all that attitude out and come inside the house, meet me outback in the theatre room. Don't you take your behind no where." I told her

She looked at me and sat on the steps, I opened the front door and went inside, this girl got me mad as hell. I'm gone beat that behind, I ain't playing the disrespect

"April, c'mere"

She walked over to me, "Yeah, Zaddy!?"

"Where's your mom!?"

"Had a concert with daddy, why?"

"Your dad?"

"Yeah., What's the problem?"

"Nothing. Nothing, Look tell me about this boy your sister calls herself dating."

"He is friends with TJ, he's a lot older he's 17 or 18.-"

"The fuck she doing messing with a 17 year old nigga, ol' hell no" I said walking to the front door opening it


She came inside and looked directly at April and pluped down on the love seat

"Autumn, what you doing messing around with a 17 year old nigga? He don't give a damn about you, all he wants is to get in your pants"

She smacked her lips, "You done?"


"What you just say to me?"

"April always planting bad pictures about somebody. You don't even know Artavious."

"Wait- Artavious? Isn't that the little mix nigga, tattoos all over his body, blue eyes and blonde dreads??" I said

"Yep that's him." April said

"April, shut up." Autumn said

"No, Autumn. He is way to old for you, and he's done girls wrong before, he does not care about you."

"You think that, you don't know him like I know him April because you never gave him a chance of the day and, because you think every guy is after you. No every boy is after you, April and you just mad because somebody actually wants me for a damn change."

"See there. That's where you wrong, she's trying to be the big sister she was trained to be." I told her

"Well, I can handle my own." Autumn said as tears fell down her face

"Give me your phone."


"Give me your phone. NOW!"

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