part 7

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i woke up to a knock on the door .
" did you want to , uh go with me and the boys later?" he said looking away
" um , where ?" i said covering my exposed skin .
" were actually just gonna go back to the hood where i grew up to see my moms and brother and sisters" he said
" oh , okay when? " insaid getting up .
" um i was gonna go in about 2 hours , you down?" he asked
" yeah " i said remembering last night.
he shook his head yes and left the room .
while i was getting dressed i was sweating like crazy . it was hot outside . i dressed in a short floral pink , red , white dress that stopped about 4 inches above the knee . i had comfertable black pointed shoes at the end with a golden charm bracelt and my hair straightened with really good perfume . i walked out of the room freling confident , something i never felt growing up. daniel walked out of his room and stopped once he saw me
" hot outside " he said smiling
"mm-hmm" i agreed.
i walked outside and saw a big white gmc . it was blasting some old school rap . he opened the back door
" after you " he said
i looked in and saw rick driving and mike in the back , along with another guy . i got in and said hi to whoever could hear me over the music . rick looked back at me and said " hey hey hey girl" he said smiling .
mike looked up for a second from his phone .
"hi im marcus " the new guy said holding out his hand .
"hi " insaid smiling as i shook his hand .
" sorry its a little packed " daniel said touching the visor with the mirror .
"your hair looks so cute boyyy" rick said immitating a chola girl .
"shut up haha" daniel said .
i just smiled and enjoyed the ride .
i noticed as we got closer to his old neighborhood . the buildings went from shiny to poorly painted , from strangers walkinging strrets , to empty sidewalks , with the exception of a babbling homeless man. i wasnt here to judge so i just took it all in .
" were here ms daisy " rick said announcing to all , as we pulled to an apartment . rick , mike , marcus all jumped out and walked towards the apartment . daniel waited for me to get out of the car .
" i dont think you want to stay out here , you want to meet my family ?"
i looked around as i saw i was being noticed by neighbors and thugs.
" ill come with you " i said unknowingly gripping his arm .
" haha its okay they wont touch you , they know your with me " he said smiling .
i looked down blushing , slowly letting go of his arm . we walked in to a small apartment with an older woman maybe in her 40s with two younger women , both looking like daniel , but tanner and theyre clothes looked as if theyve been cleaning with their mother .
" daniel !" both sisters exclaimed
" hey uglies" he said smiling holding his arms out .
his mom just smiled and put down her rag and went to go kiss him on the cheek . i stood their quietly till inwas introduced .
" family , this is my roomate elizabeth" he said with a hand on my back .
" so beautiful , roomate? " his mother said in a thick spanish accent.
she spoke fast in spanish to daniel looking at me then him .
i heard him say no while smiling saying just roomates. his mom made tgat suspicious look and then went back to the kitchen .
" thanks mama " rick and mike said , eating a big sandwich with caprisuns.
daniel and me werent eating and was just sitting on the couch. i smiled as i looked at rick sitting drinking a caprisun like a 8 yr old.
" wheres your other sister?" i asked daniel .
"with marcus " he said giving me that disaproving look.
"oh i see" i said looking at him
"yeah" he said
" hey you want to take a walk with me real quick , just to the liquor store its right around the corner . "he said standing up .
"no daniel , no eh safe " his mom said
" yeah man just take my ride" rick said
" relax everybody shes with me , nobodys gonna hurt her " he said
we walked down the stairs to get to the front of the apartment . i have to admit i was scared .
" you got my back right ?" i said laughing .
" you know it " he said laugjing too.
he bought me a water and himself one and we walked back .
" stop ." he said
i froze in place drinking my water .
" what is it ?" i said worried .
" do you remember last night ?" he said quickly
" um , yeah i do ." i said nervously .
" how i told you that gang that shot my uncle rico ?" he said
" oh my god are they here?? "i said scared.
" no , no they got taken to prison , but they have decendants that knows about me . " he said dramatically
" decendants?" i said quietly
" theyre kids , little nephews etc" he said patiently . " thats theyre car right there . " he said "lets go"
we got back to the apartment
"mom, why didnt you tell me carters boys were back in town?" daniel said angrily .
"i didnt want to upset you , or do something jurastic like move me and your sisters out of this apartment . " she said .
"theyre here?" rick said concerned.
" no ma its not safe , they want our family gone " daniel said anxiously
"stop and be quiet i am fine " his mom snapped at him .
" we should go " rick said
" ok" daniel said
we walked back to the car all of a sudden a cherry red el camino pulled up fast that had been parked in the middle of the streeet it looked like and i heard rick yell get down . so i did and so i did , but i realized i was tge only one doing that . i heard " POP ! POP ! POP POP POP POP . when i looked up i saw rick in the middle of tge street still shooting and mike right beside him . where did they get those guns ? are those the carter boys ? then i thought wheres daniel?? i looked to my right and saw he was shot on the left shoulder and not moving .
"no daniel! " i screamed removing my hands from my ears .
" your okay , your okay " i said crying as i put my hands over his shot wound i saw him looking up and breathing slowly . rick ran towards me the fast he could and mike took off his shirt and put it on his wound while i called 911 .

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