When It All Comes Out.

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*Donesia's POV!*

After Twist just caused that scene I had to leave.Everyone was staring at me. I just grabbed my books and left. I knew that I should've never gave him a second chance! I thought maybe just maybe this morning I cought him on a bad morning I decided to calm down on him. But oh no i was right Oh well i'm done with this kid.I stormed home. Once i got gome I stormed to my room. That whole this just completely pissed me off! I'm trying to help you because your clearly upset and this is how you react! Ughh whatever i'm done with him.But I refuse to fail so if this project is going to get done it's clear only one of us is putting in the effort. So I pulled out my books and started to read and take notes one by one. I was on my last book when I heard a noise at my window. I turned around and saw Twist in my room trying to shut my window.

"Is there a reason your here??"I asked trying not to get too loud.

"I just wanted to say sorry for what happend earlier."He said looking around my room.

"Well alright bye."I said motioning twards the window.

"Can you let me finish?" He asked trying not to get mad.

"Fine go ahead,talk." I said sitting on my bed.He came and sat beside me,I thought I made it clear to go back out the window,not sit on my bed. 

"Listen, it's just that things are rough right now.I really didn't mean to do that earlier." He said looking me in my eyes.I can't even lie his eyes were beautiful. Wait,whats that cut? 

"What happend to your eye?" I asked. 

"Uh nothing." He said getting up and walking to my desk. 

"Are you sure it looks like it hurts?" I asked walking over to him. 

"So you read all these books on your own?" He asked.Changing the subject won't work with me. 

"It's Fine okay!" He yelled. He's lucky my dads asleep and my brothers are all gone. 

"Chris I just want to help!" I said grabbing his hand. 

"It's fine me and my stepdad just got into an arguement."He said looking away. 

"According to that cut,this just wasn't an arguement."I said looking at him sincere. He may be an asshole but even he doesn't deserve this. 

"Haha we just met,you don't have to act like you care."He said. 

"Well yeah we just met but you still don't deserve this.And I do care. I kinda for some reason like you."I said looking down,I can't believe I just admitted that. Then he lifted my chin and said,  

"Don't look away,your cute when you blush."He said smiliing. Why exactally am I falling for him?

"Um thanks."I said still blushing.

"Well I should stop,I don't want your boyfriend to try and fight me." He said looking at the books.

"Boyfriend?" I asked. Since when did I have one of thoes?

"Your telling me YOU don't have a boyfriend?"He asked looking suprised.

"um yeah why do you sound so suprised?"I asked.

"Well I don't know your smart,caring,and beautiful."He said looking at me.

"Thanks." I said really blushing and looking away.

"What did I say about that?"He asked putting my chin back up. We just stared at eachother for about a minute then he kissed me. His lips were soft,like really soft.And he was an amazing kisser.It lasted for like five minutes.

"So you need help with this project?"He asked once he pulled away.

"It wouldn't hurt."I said sitting at my desk.

"Or......we could finish what we just started?"He asked sitting on my bed.

"Or we could try not to fail."I said opening up a book.If this kid wanted me he was going to have to prove himself to me.

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