I'd Rather Be In Love With... You Part 52

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  • Dedicated to To the group we all call friends <3

Part 52 - (Recap)

"Hey Hanna,"


We agreed to meet at the small coffee shop, a few minutes from the universty so that Hanna wouldn't get in trouble and I ended up showing up early, about what? Ten minutes early but it was then that I noticed, she had been even early.

Hanna came out from the bathroom, her eyes rimmed with red as she sniffed and made her way over to a small corner table closest to the window and rushing to get my stuff, I grabbed my coffee and ran over to her table taking a seat as she looked up at me with a weak smile before her eyes fell back to the table.

"Hey," I whsipered not really knowing what to say. It was awkward I won't lie but I don't think she even cared, she looked like she was in ruins.

"She's left, packed her things and left. She managed to pass this along though." Hanna passed me a note and her eyes rolled at the end of that sentance. I took the note and opened it, scanning the neat handwritting,


I'm sorry for everything, everything that I've done. I shouldn't have played with your heart like that but I can't change time. Move on, don't think theres a chance because there can't be. I'll always love you though, somewhere deep down you'll always be a part of me. Please forgive me and heal, I've left to give you space.

I'm so sorry,


"I'm sorry Hanna," I finally said pushing the note aside and taking her hand. She looked up into my eyes and saw it then, how strong she was trying to be, how she was forcing her heart to glue back together to try keep the tears locked away and it was then that she broke down.

The tears steamed down her cheeks and I quickly rushed over to her side gathering her fragile body in my arms and stroking her hair back as she wept harder into my chest.

It wasn't fair what Sandra was doing and it wasn't right what Nicky would be going through but what was worse was what was going to happen next.

Talk about drama.

"You stupid bitch!" My whole body jumped slightly in the air and Hanna weakly forced herself from my arms looking up at a very very, red and pissed off Nicky as she slammed her hands down on the table making my coffee drip a little and causing heads turn right towards us.

"Um, Nicky-" But I was cut short.

"You knew! And you let her blackmail him!" OK, dumb face on now.

The worse was she was saying this to me, she was saying it to Hanna.

This was all the girl needed and even though Nicky didn't understand what was going on she still should have guessed by the lack of responce that Hanna was giving and the red eyes that something was wrong.

But she didn't.

She just kept on.

"I-I don't know-"

"Don't lie to me! You drugged him! You drugged him and Sandra slept with him so that she could get pregnant! She couldn't have him so no one could! She thought that was the only way to get him!"


"Nicky! Calm the hell down!" I yelled getting to my feet with my hands grabbing onto her shoulder but I was pushed back down by her.

"Sandra blackmailed him Fay! She said if he didn't leave me for her then she'd tell me and everyone at the uni!" Right, how stupid can she be?!

Most of that didn't make sense! One thing I knew for sure, Hanna hadn't done any of that and if he lied to her about that then the rest was a lie!

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