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You're sitting at a piano in the middle of an art studio. You're playing "River Flows In You" by Yiruma. While you're playing, you get many good comments about your piano playing. The only reason you're even playing the piano in an art studio is because you have some of your own artwork here and you'd hope someone would buy one of your pieces. You didn't realize someone was leaning against the piano until you were done playing the song.

"You play beautifully," he says. You look up to see your boyfriend, Louis. "But I already knew that," he adds as he sits next to you on the piano bench. The next song you begin to play is "Clair de Lune" by Debussy.

"Why don't you take a break from this piano playing and come look at some of the artwork with me, (y/n)."

"I can't," you say.

"Oh come on, (y/n). People aren't going to die just because someone isn't playing the piano." You continue playing the song as you say, "I know that, Louis. But the art curator says--"

"Screw what he says, (y/n). I want to look at artwork with my beautiful girlfriend." He gets up from the piano bench and pulls you with him; cutting off your piano playing.

"Louis! You're going to get me in trouble!" you say in a hushed tone. Louis continues to pull you further and further away from the piano.

"Come on (y/n). I only have today to spend with you," Louis says. You had almost forgotten that he was leaving tomorrow for the tour.

"Fine, Louis. I'll look at artwork with you." You look at many paintings, drawings and even some pottery. Louis then pulls you to the section that has your artwork. Upon taking a closer look, you realize that someone has bought your painting of the London Eye along with your painting of Buckingham Palace. "Louis, look! Someone bought two of my paintings!" you say happily. When you look at the tags to see who bought them, your mouth drops open. "Louis? You bought them?" You turn around and see him smiling.

"I saw you work so hard on them...I couldn't stand to see that your artwork was in someone else's place," he says as he hugs you.

"You could have just asked for them, babe. I would have given them to you." You felt him chuckle.

"I love you, (y/n)," he says kissing the top of your head.

"I love you too, Louis." You spend the rest of the day looking at more artwork and you never got in trouble with the art curator.

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